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2019 Resolutions– Check In

HOW is it September already??

Time is a human construct and I’d like to sleep for a thousand years, please

In other news, it’s time for my check-in on my wishful 2019 New Year’s Resolutions, because I love to dissapoint myselfResultado de imagen para thumbs up gif

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2018 Bookish resolutions

We all know how easy new year’s resolutions get forgotten and we are all our old lazy, unorganized selves in a weeks time but that won’t stop me from trying to be better and restarting each time I can’t.

OKAY, lats year was an absolute mess on all fronts and ended with me getting kicked out of university NICE SO this next year I have a part-time job, books I wanna read, and hope for a better future.

This year I will focus on myself, self-care and personal goals. This includes a lot of hockey stuff but also a lot of reading! Continue reading “2018 Bookish resolutions”