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Resolutions’ Wrap Up

It’s already been a year since I did my  New Year’s Bookish Resolutions so now I hold myself accountable and see how much of New year New me actually made it into 2018

Resolutions' Check In.png

Read 75 books

Yeah, I changed this one along the year because there was no way I was making it to 100…

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I did make it to my new goal thanks to the fact that I went back to reading mangas (japanese comic books) on the last week of the year. I just missed that way of reading that was so crucial in my teenage years and now I’m taking on a couple new series…

Read hispanic and latinx authors

I did this one a little bit, I wish I had gotten to do more but those I read were fantastic and a few of them made it into my 2018 Favorites! (which I’ll publish sometime soon)

Seek out more diverse books

YEAH! I actually did this one and was delighted to find some amazing titles, I did two posts on fantasy recommendations: one from the books I read and another from books that were recommended to me

Post consistently

Resultado de imagen para made it gif

Look at all these dark blue posting days! Especially that gorgeous Blogtober.


It’s so nice to be able to see the whole year at a glance, the wordpress stats are pretty useful

(Since I never post more than once a day it’s either no post or Most posts)

Read at least one classic book every month…❌

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I tried? No, I didn’t Next year I’ll try for a smaller amount and I’ll also be joining a readalong for some titles though!


All joking aside I think this was a pretty good year reading-wise (everything else is bs) but I hope that 2019 will be even better!

What are some resolutions you all managed to achieve on 2018?


Book lover and hockey goalie from Argentina. Trying to figure life out

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