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Beat The Backlist 2020

As I said on my 2020 Bookish Resolutions, this year I’m going to try and tackle by TBR

To do this I decided to participate, once again, on Novel Knight’s Beat the Backlist Challenge!

Basically, the idea is to read books that were published in previous years and log them to your BtB list so you can earn point, cross off a bingo squar or whatever tracking method you prefer

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Latinx Book Bingo 2019

It’s Latinx Heritage Month in the US and since they are our evil orverlords upstairs neighbors I decided to join the Latinx Book Bingo and try to read as many lovely latinx authors as I can possibly fit into my TBR! (they are a lot)

It starts today so I’m invinting all of you to join in with this board::


A lot fo blogger way better prepared than me have made posts recc’ing amazing books for this challenge, like:

Sofia from Bookish Wanderers has 100 books to fit into just one month that fit the bingo one way or another (or if you are simply looking for 100 books to add to your TBR)

Cande from Latinx Magic has specifially chosen one book for each square, her recs are always wonderful and she even made a series reccing latinx authors for specific tropes: Con Amor

Latinxathon is hosted by Jocelyn @ yogi with a bookAndrea @ bookramble, Priscilla @ BookieCharm and Yvette @ BookCave.

The dates are from September 15th to September 24th and there are five prompts;

  1. VOICES: A book by an Indigenous or Afro-Latinx author
  2. LATINIDAD: A book by an intersectional Latinx author
  3. ROOTS: A translated book or a book featuring more than one language
  4. HERITAGE: A book by an author from a non-Spanish speaking Latin American country or heritage

You can follow them on twitter

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Weirdest things I’ve used as bookmarks

I don’t know how many of you are active on book twitter but earlier this week a company called ChexMix, posted this distressing picture:



And everyone freaked the fuck out, like we haven’t been joking that we use literally anything but bookmarks all the time.

I found it extremely funny and retweeted it but the public outcry (obviously nothing serious but still) made me think of all the stupid shit I’ve put between pages just so I could keep reading later.

And thus, this post was born: shit I’ve used instead of the cute artistic bookmarks I actually own ft. The Gilded Wolves Continue reading “Weirdest things I’ve used as bookmarks”

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The Scavenger Hunt Challenge

I saw this on Fadwa’s blog @WordWonders and since I haven’t done a challenge in a while I decided to self-tag me (as usual)

The challenge was created by Peter @ Peter Likes Books on Youtube. Bascially you have a list of steps where you answer with a book on your shelves and in the end you have your next read!

If you are like me and don’t own as many books as OP thinks we do, you can just do it with your goodreads’ shelves and following my adapted questions

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Matching Kindle highlights to Books

It’s no secret that most of the reading I do is on my kindle, I find it super practical and the easiest way to find books that aren’t available in my country. I also have the habit of marking every passage that catches my eye, maybe it’s a key plot point or witty dialogue or just a funny turn of phrase.

When you combine those two you end up with Kindle Highlights that make almost no sense and you random bits od sentences with no context whatsoever.

That’s why I invented this little game: I’ll copy 10 of my most obscure highlights and try to guess which book they belong to, feel free to play along with me and tell me how many you got right!

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Let’s do it!

As you may or may not know. this year I want to finally read all the books I already own (apart from those that I have preordered) and for this reason I decided to join a challenge!

Beat the Backlist 2019

Any genre, any format, any length. 

Any book published in 2018 or earlier is fair game.

Re-reads count. And you don’t have to own the book!

It’s exactly what I wanted to do! and (for me) it’s always easier to do things when you have a community to share with. They have a bingo card to check special kinds of books::


I’ve already read a few books this year and one of them happens to have been a christmas present so I’m ticking it off!

They also have a mini-challenge where you can join a Hogwarts house and win points to compete against other houses! I love a good rivalry

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