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Blogtober Wrap Up

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I can’t belive I somehow managed to post something every single day for a whole month! And didn’t die trying!!

So today is a day for celebrating, even though I had no time for anything else and I’m now 5 books behind schedule on the Goodreads challenge.

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Blogtober- Books I wish I’d read

Blogtober Day 23 and we’re already talking regrets…. okay I have some. Even though I love books and reading all sorts of literature there’s some books that I wish I had already read. They are probably long or I don’t ever feel in the mood to pick them up so this isn’t a TBR, it’s purely books I wish I could have read already

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As usual: this prompt comes from the wonderful Jenniely, who is the only reason I’m actually making it through Blogtober without missing a day(fingers crossed!)

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Blogtober- Book Review Roundup

Blogtober Day 21 and I don’t really understand this prompt from Jenniely! So instead of asking (like a normal human person) I’m guessing at it (like the book goblin I truly am)

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The way I read it is talking about the book reviews I’ve done (?) this year, which are a lot, so I won’t be commenting on each one. I’ll be linking my reviews and arranging them according to personal rating from lowest to highest:.. Continue reading “Blogtober- Book Review Roundup”

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Blogtober-10 Reasons I Love & Hate Autumn & Spring

Blogtober day 20, can you believe I kept something going for twenty days???I can’t

I’m still following Jenniely‘s wonderful Blogtober prompts and denying the fact that the weather is getting progressively warmer in my half of the world… okay, maybe I should face the music at some point…. Let’s talk autumn and spring for this one!

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Blogtober-Favorite Autumnal Covers

Blogtober Day 15 and I have officially run out of scheduled posts!! Help me. From now on I’m full-out winging this thing

This theme is a favorite of mine since I’m a big fan of pretty covers, I’ve been known to buy books solely for the cover and I’m not ashamed. Autumn is my favorite season and so some of this are from my all-time favorites list:.

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Thank you Jenniely for the Blogtober prompts!

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