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Where I’ve been and where I’ll be

…it’s been a while

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I took a bit of a break from blogging but now I’m back, if with a bit less frequency than before, because…


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This Sunday I’ll be boarding a plane to London, then a train to Edinburgh, where I’ll be staying for the forseeable future!

I’ve been planning this move for a whole year and I can’t believe it’s actually happening.

Last year I went with my sister on a trip of the isles and fell in love with Scotland, when I came back to Argentina it was with the conviction that I’d move permanently there on 2020. I worked and saved during the entire year and now here I am.Resultado de imagen de edinburgh gif

I’ve been reading a lot but most of the books were about travel and/or moving abroad. I may make a wrap up of all the books I used in the future (if you’d all be interested in that)

The point is that my life is changing BIG TIME. I’ll be living an ocean away from my family and completely on my own for the first time and it will be an experience.

I promise to try and update as often as possible but if I dissapear for two or three weeks at a time, don’t worry I’m probably just trying to figure out how to go grocery shopping or something like that…

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NaNoWriMo Survival Kit

Nanowrimo or National Novel Writing Month is an initiative that encourages people to write a novel (or as close as you can get to that) in a month. It’s demanding but rewarding and I always try to take part in some way.

National Novel Writing Month 2019

Now that explanations are out of the way:

DID YOU KNOW that November is just around the corner?? I have so much shit goign on the I forgot about it until last week.

To those like me who forgot, or people that just don’t need much preparation before trying to get out 50,000 words in a month, I bring you my personal Survival Kit: eight things you need to have at hand of you wanna get as far along the wordcount as humanly possible! (not very far, in my case)

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Sometimes it’s better to shut up

Just because you experience some sort of oppression doesn’t give you the right to talk about others’

A “hot take” brought to you by my current read but it’s actually a thing I’ve seen a lot and this isn’t specifically about this book. It just inspired me to finally write the post-

I’m reading a cute romance YA where one of the main characters is latino, as far as I’ve been able to research the author is notThis isn’t an issue on itself, I love that more people are including latinx characters in their stories and making us more visible and all that. The problem comes when such people take it upon themselves to discuss intra-community issues as if they understand shit.

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Reading few books IS OKAY

You should never feel ashamed of “only” reading what you read

Today’s post is sponsored by self love and taking care of yourself.

Inspired by quite a lot of tweets and (not really) failed reading goals.

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Do you feel like you should be reading way more books? Have you felt the crushing pressure of not reading enough? Then let me tell you some things-

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Dissapionted about GoT? Here are some (bookish) alternatives

(Aside from Tolkien, because that's an obvious choice for any fantasy)

I have to admit that I don’t watch Game of Thrones, what I do is spend any amount of time on social media, which is basically the same thing

And the first thing I saw today was how utterly dissapointing that finale was, well

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Or rather, authors can fix that. Here’s my list of recomendations for all Got fans who want more satisfying story arcs, more magic and specially more rep Continue reading “Dissapionted about GoT? Here are some (bookish) alternatives”

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The Good Immigrant

(Not gonna lie, that’d be a kick ass title for a book) Alas, this is a rare instance of a non-book-related post

The other day on twitter I saw debate over wich kind of immigrant people from the US are “fine” “taking in” (meaning they’d most likely not tear-gas their families of kidnap their children) And me, having been a child immigrant myself, I decided to write a thing on here, just to get it off of my chest.

This was also motivated by my own country’s issues with immigration, particularly with Venezuelan refugees.

WARNING: This ended up longer than I expected–

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Life Update: A book a month and travel plans

So… the title pretty much says it? No? Well,

I’ll be going into a sort-of-but-not-really-a-book buying ban because…

I’m going to Europe!*

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More exactly I’ll be traveling to England, Scotland, Ireland and Spain. It’s a trip that I’ve been meaning to take since forever and I finally have enough money and time. The thing is that I don’t have much money so to save as much as I can I decided to limit all my expenses, this, sadly, includes books. For the forseeable future I’ll buy only one book each month (from the 2019 new releases) and the rest of books I’ll read will be from those I already own (working to Beat The Backlist)

The plan is to visit London, Edinburgh, Dublin, and Galway in two weeks (sleep is for the weak) and then spend a full week in Spain with all my old friends. I’ll be traveling with my little sister and the plan is to sleep in hostels and walk all day , seeing as much as possible. I also have a special itinerary of all the literary places I want to see while we’re there and I’ll try to upload photos on here.

There’s a chance we’ll be traveling as soon as next month so if I suddenly drop out the face of the Earth… well, you know where to find me.

Also, if you have any suggestions of places we should visit while on those cities they are more than welcome!

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Comments on Colorism in Latinx Culture

I never thought I’d actually write a post about this but I just finished Blanca and Roja and had some thoughts.

On that book we have two sisters as the main characters: Blanca and Roja, both of them latinas. Blanca is light-skinned and blonde while Roja has darker skin and brown almost black hair with hints of red. The way they are treated differently by everyone, even in their own family is an important point in the story and I highly recommend reading it if you enjoy magical realism.

“Everyone is on your side. You pretend they’re not. You pretend we’re the same. But people look at us differently. Boys. Teachers. Our own cousins. Even people who look more like me look at you like you’re better.”–Roja

First of all, let’s make a couple of things clear: Colorism is not the same as racism but it is rooted on it. Colorism is considering someone of the same race inferior because they are “less white”. This is usually done subconsciously and perpetuated thanks to imperialism and euro-centric beauty standards – Continue reading “Comments on Colorism in Latinx Culture”