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2020 New Releases

At least the first half of 2020 because if I do the whole year then this would get far too long.

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What’s the best part of a new year?

The new books of course!

2020 has some really amazing titles coming out on just the first half of it so let’s get to my Top 10 (because if I put all of them then it’ll get too long lbh)

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Trans Books by Trans Authors

Sometimes people are shitty but instead of talking about them I thought it’d be way better for everyone to talk about the people making the literary world a better, more inclusive, place.

I compiled a list of books I’ve read, or I’m going to read, with trans main characters writen by trans authors!

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OcTBR Bingo

It’s October already! This year is already ending and I have a bunch of books I intended to read on 2019

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SO on this fine month I’ve decided to make a list of all the books I need to read before the year is over and preferablyn dufring October because I saw the OcTBR thing on twitter and thought it was fun

To make it a bit challenging (and not add the 100+ books I actually have on my TBR I’ve decided to make a Bingo board!

Feel free to use it if you are also trying to catch up to your TBRs


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Latinx Book Bingo 2019

It’s Latinx Heritage Month in the US and since they are our evil orverlords upstairs neighbors I decided to join the Latinx Book Bingo and try to read as many lovely latinx authors as I can possibly fit into my TBR! (they are a lot)

It starts today so I’m invinting all of you to join in with this board::


A lot fo blogger way better prepared than me have made posts recc’ing amazing books for this challenge, like:

Sofia from Bookish Wanderers has 100 books to fit into just one month that fit the bingo one way or another (or if you are simply looking for 100 books to add to your TBR)

Cande from Latinx Magic has specifially chosen one book for each square, her recs are always wonderful and she even made a series reccing latinx authors for specific tropes: Con Amor

Latinxathon is hosted by Jocelyn @ yogi with a bookAndrea @ bookramble, Priscilla @ BookieCharm and Yvette @ BookCave.

The dates are from September 15th to September 24th and there are five prompts;

  1. VOICES: A book by an Indigenous or Afro-Latinx author
  2. LATINIDAD: A book by an intersectional Latinx author
  3. ROOTS: A translated book or a book featuring more than one language
  4. HERITAGE: A book by an author from a non-Spanish speaking Latin American country or heritage

You can follow them on twitter

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Sequel September

Aliterations are a thing now, apparently (?)

This month has a lot of sequels coming out and I have been waiting for a while.Resultado de imagen para sequel gif

September will be dedicated to all those fantastic books coming out after other fantastic books and going back to worlds that we know with stories we don’t!

First of all:: I recieved an ARC and I’m already half way through but it’s a sequel and I’ll finish it in September so it totally counts…

45044785. sy475


Last month I decided to reread a couple of books because of their sequels coming out (an excelent idea since I’m even more hyped for these titles now::

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    44034303. sy475

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August’s (Re)Reading Plans

((Fun fact: the prefix “re” in Argentina means “very” so technically rereading a book means reading it very hard))

Do you all know how many sequels are coming on the second half of 2019?? A lot

I’ve decided to dedicate this month to (mostly) re reading books I enjoyed and whose stories I’m getting back into soon so I have all the characters fresh in my mind. Also because the other day I got an irrational urge to reread the entire Green Creek Series and I needed a good excuse to do it.

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Books inspired by places I visited

Yes, I know I sort-of did something similar with the TopTenTuesday on books of places I’m gonna visit BUT this time I’ve actually gone to these places.

When I was walking all around the British Isles I was half admiring the scenery and half thinking of all the stories that could take place in the places I was staying at. For example, Edinburgh was so obviously adapted into Harry Potter that I could imagine kids with robes and wands running around. The countryside in Ireland is so green and full of nature that I could clearly see where all the stories about fairies came from, not to mention the actual history of the places. So while I was there I started asking for recs but mostly I searched on goodreads and other blogs for stories taking place on the UK and Ireland.

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