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2019 Resolutions– Check In

We are already 5 months into this year! (I can’t believe it either, TIME IS A LIE) so I thought it’d be nice to check in on the totally realistic goals I had for 2019…

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Read as many books as I want

This was the most achievable goal and yet… I’m having such a hard time finishing books! So far (according to goodreads) I’ve read 15 books but most of them are comic books so there isn’t much reading going on-

Diversify genres

Imagen relacionadaI’ve read some myhtology, some superheroes, sports, a bit about ghost stories… I’ll say I’m doing fine

Write some discussion posts


Read Classics

I’m (shamefully) still making my way through Pride and Prejudice

It’s no even that I don’t like it, I just legitimately get distracted and read something else

Finally getting to read all tha way through my TBR

I read two books from the backlist and I’M POUD OF THAT



Imagen relacionada

So this hasn’t gone quite according to plan but I still have most of the year to make up for it! Maybe!


Book lover and hockey goalie from Argentina. Trying to figure life out

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