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2019 Wrap Up

And that’s it for 2019… this year has been wild, personally. I’ve done a lot of shit and read few books but I loved almost every second of it. Now it’s time for a new era but before that, let’s close up on the last year of the 2010’s!

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2019 Best Covers

We are already in December! (I feel like I do this every single month… the passage of time baffles me tbh)

There’s less than a month left of 2019 so I decided to start a series with the best of the 2019 releases

We are starting with COVERS because I’m an aesthetic bitch and I love a good cover…

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Do I have any kind of system or ranking? No. I’m like a crow who hoards shiny things, they are all important
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ARC August

We’re almost done with August and my objective of rereading my way through it is halfway done, however I’ve also dedicated a lot of time to ARCs and today I’ll tell you about the ones I’ve read so far,,

ARCs or Advanced Reader Copies are copies provided by the publishers 
to reviewers so that we can hype the book before the release date

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If you want to get your own ARCs then head over to NetGalley and make an account, it’s the easiest way to get started and most titles are published there. As long as you remember to review most of the books you get approved for, you’ll do great

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Beat the Backlist Update


Back in the beginning of the year I decided to join the challenge of reading all my backlist books… with debatable success. This post is to keep track of all the books I’ve managed to read up until now!

Official BtB post

First of all a quick look at my bingo board (both the simple and the extended one) and then the books

BtB Bingo


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2018 Favorite Books!

Last day of the year and this means (I think) that I won’t be reading any new books on 2018, thus here’s my list of my 2018 Best Reads

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This comes from the books I personally read, meaning they weren’t necessarily published this year (though some of them were).

The list is all the 5 stars books I added this year, you can go to the goodreads page by clicking the cover and to my own review by clicking the title underneath

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So you are looking for diverse fantasy

..and you don’t know where to start? Today’s your lucky day! Because I just finished a great book inspired by chinese folklore and it inspired me to share some diverse fantasy books I’ve read (or I’ve been meaning to get to) this year

I know most fantasies are centered around european folklore, and there’s nothing really wrong with that (I do love Tolkien) but there’s also so many different cultures in the world with their own fairy tales and myths and all the folklore that most of us know nothing about! So this post is dedicated to those kinds of fantasies

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All the covers have a link to the goodreads page so that you can add the book to your TBR with no trouble!

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