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Unboxing Wildest Dreams Box: Love, YA

Did I buy another subscription box even though the mailing system in my country is a travesty? Yes. Was it worth it?? Absolutely

Wildest Dreams Box was the only one I knew that was actually doing a Pride theme during the Pride Month, so it was an obvious choice.

The theme for June was: Love, YA (yes, because of Love, Simon. It’s perfect)


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Unboxing Illumicrate: Hidden Talents

I know what you are thinking: Consu, we are in July already. What are you doing unboxing may? Well, turns out I live in a third-world “developing” country and that means that public services are shit, public services like mail… I fought with a security guard, befriended a stressed mom and cheated Customs because I was tired by that point-

So, after waiting for two months, doing most of the paperwork required, and standing in line for over three hours, I GOT IT

It took so much time that you all are getting this thing unboxed right now.

Resultado de imagen para illumicrate hidden talents

That said, it’s a really great box and I’m excited for both the bookish items and the two books that came with them!

Let’s get to it, then::
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