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August’s (Re)Reading Plans

((Fun fact: the prefix “re” in Argentina means “very” so technically rereading a book means reading it very hard))

Do you all know how many sequels are coming on the second half of 2019?? A lot

I’ve decided to dedicate this month to (mostly) re reading books I enjoyed and whose stories I’m getting back into soon so I have all the characters fresh in my mind. Also because the other day I got an irrational urge to reread the entire Green Creek Series and I needed a good excuse to do it.

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Books to celebrate the Solstice

While I know most of you are celebrating the summer, here in the Southern Hemisphere it’s peak winter and the shortest day of the year. That’s why today I’ll be sharing witchy books on my TBR, the perfect list to read while warped up in blankets or besides the fireplace.

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