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Song Request Book Tag

I was tagged by Brittany  @PerfectlyTolerable a looong time ago (SORRY) but since I love music and books I couldn’t pass up this perfect chance! So thank you and here’s the tag::

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  • Thank and link back to the tagger.
  • Credit to Daniel @ Page to Page
  • Listen to tagger’s song requests! After you’re done listening to the three songs the person who tagged you has chosen, choose a book that you think best goes along with that song and tell us why you chose it!
  • Request 3 songs of your own! Give any three songs (and your corresponding book choices that think go well with said song) you want for your taggers to listen and respond to!
  • Tag 5 people!

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What’s on your heart? Tag


This is a less bookish approach than I’m used to take on the blog but since the amazing Bibi from Bibi’s Book Blog tagged me I’m gonna do it! The theme is love and romance and although I’m not a big fan of those for myself I do enjoy reading them


  • Thank the person who nominated you to participate.
  • Link back to the original post (Purple Rose’s & Dollfaced Writer’s)
  • Attach an image that inspires you regarding the month’s theme (or use the original).
  • Talk about what this month’s theme means to you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Nominate 3 people to participate.
  • Enjoy the rest of your month

What’s on my heart?

The desire to travel and discover the world (also books)

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The Television Tag

This has been a shitty month for my reading, I haven’t been able to read a single chapter of any of my current reads (yes, I’m still in the middle of P&P) because planning a trip to the other side of the world takes a lot of time and energy. What I have been doing is watching Netflix so this tag comes at the perfect time by the hand of @PerfectlyTolerable

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The tag was originally created by Kayley Hyde.

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Out of my Comfort Zone Tag

Today’s tag is about challenging ourselves and doing things we usually wouldn’t, ie getting out of the comfort zone. I was tagged by the wonderful Bibi @Bibi’sBookBlog so here we are!

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The Rules:

You have to pick ONE GENRE that you frequently read about and then you can’t use ANY books from that genre while answering the questions!

Daaaamn, okay then I can’t talk about fantasy… this is gonna be so hard though. I’m not a person who likes to challenge herself while reading for fun but I guess I’ll give it a try

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Bare Your Bookshelf

To start this year in the best way I thought it’d be nice to share a bit of my shelf with all of you and what better way to do this than a tag?

I found this tag on Perfectly Tolerable’s 12 Days of Tags on Christmas so here’s my own version.

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Keep in mind that I don’t actually own many physical books since they are really expensive in my country so all the books I own have something special about them.

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