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2018 Bookish resolutions

We all know how easy new year’s resolutions get forgotten and we are all our old lazy, unorganized selves in a weeks time but that won’t stop me from trying to be better and restarting each time I can’t.

OKAY, lats year was an absolute mess on all fronts and ended with me getting kicked out of university NICE SO this next year I have a part-time job, books I wanna read, and hope for a better future.

This year I will focus on myself, self-care and personal goals. This includes a lot of hockey stuff but also a lot of reading!


This post was inspired by Weezie  so go chek out their blog!

1. Read 100 books

This was my GR reading challenge last year but between classes and hockey I only got to 53. This year I still have hockey (obviously) but I have no classes and a job that allows me to read while on the clock (I’m so lucky and so thankful for this). So I figured that if I was gonna ever reach my goal it’d be in 2018.

2. Read more hispanic and latinx authors


Turns out I’m latina (shocking, right?) but I can’t remember the last book by a latinx author that I read of my own free will (not for class or work). It’s sad. I prefer to read my book in the original version and so I ended up reading almost exclusively in English for a few years now. More than that, the times I had to read a book in my native tongue I found that I had to read slower than in English. So that’s not good. I decided to read at least two books by latinx or hispanic authors per month. I have already 4 lined up, a fantastic series by Carlos Ruiz Zafon called El cementerio de los libros olvidados (The cemetery of the forgotten books)

3. Seek out more diverse books

I’m a simple reader from a simple third world country so the chances that diverse book reach me are quite low, which is why I bought an eReader and will buy them all online. I read some diverse stories last year but I tend to go mainstream most of the time without making an effort. Well, that’s over now. I’d like to read more stories where the characters resemble ME in some way (queer women of colour don’t get that usually) but also stories of people who are nothing like me and deserve to tell their stories just as much. Basically anything that shifts the focus from abled neurotypical straight white males. Also, I’ll research each book that I pick up to see if they are problematic in any way so that I avoid supporting that.

4. Diversify genres

I am a lover of all things fantasy and YA but this year, since I plan on reading way more, I will try to challenge myself to read out of my comfort zone, namely picking up book on genres that I have either ignored or actively avoided in the past, namely non-fiction, suspense and MAYBE a bit of horror.

5. Participate in readathons

As I said before I had no time in 2017 so readathons were put of the question. Now I will try to participate, not only to read more but also to get to know this community better and become an active part.

6. Post something twice a week

I just started this blog and I want to write as often as possible. It’s hard from me to keep a routine but I will most certainly try!

7. Read all my Netgalley ARCs

I feel so guilty with this one. I’m really grateful that they agree to provide me with these so when it takes me sometime to read them I feel bad. The thing is that I don’t have an eReader (yet) so I have to read on my laptop and that’s not very smart when you suffer from migraines. ALAS my parents will buy me a Kindle Paperwhite for  Reyes (which is the night we catholics remember the kings that went to visit baby Jesus and brought him gifts) so I will try to read them all and not request anything until I’ve done that.


If I’m able to do at least one of these I’ll be happy with my reading year.


Let’s see what I have to say in a year’s time though



Book lover and hockey goalie from Argentina. Trying to figure life out

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