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Lately I’ve been obsessed with the official cast recording for the musical Hadestown (available on Spotify if you haven’t heard it yet). It’s so amazing and relevant and one of my favorite greek myths reinvented, so I decided to do a tag about it! I found this one by Readers, Rambles & Reviews and I loved the questions so here you have it!

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Road to Hell – What is a book that has both characters that are humans or mortals versus higher beings? 

37907996. sy475 Here’s my review. There are humans and clock spirits and gods of times, earth, sea, etc. You have everything and it hurts

Any Way the Wind Blows – What’s a book with a character who sees life as it is, no rose-colored glasses?

39863498Review. Take any of the main characters and tehy’ll fit this description, because they don’t fit the mold society find “acceptable” so they have been forced to confront reality head on.

Wedding Song – What’s a book with a heart-warming meet-cute between two people that have forgotten what it feels to be loved?

30853358. sy475 Review. I just finished rereading this one and I remembered how fucking cute Ox and Joe are, they are the most adorable pair of complete morons I’ve ever read.

Epic I – What is a classic that has stuck with you no matter how much time has passed?

The Symposium

Literal classic from the classical era and I will quote it until the day I die. I can’t recommend it enough, if you think the greek were boring and uptight then just give this a read and you’ll open your eyes. It’s a book about a bunch of friends hanging out, drinking wine, talking about love, and (most importantly) thirsting after Socrates.

Living It Up on Top – What’s a book with a good party host?

40516932. sy475 Review. Magnus Bane, need I say more?

All I’ve Ever Known – What is a book with a slow burn that makes you throw your fists in the air when they finally get together? 

Spin the Dawn (The Blood of Stars, #1)Review. I’m not a fan of slowburn, but this was writen so well that I was falling in love along with them. There’s even a bit of the fake-married trope and it’s perfect.

Way Down Hadestown – What’s a dystopian or post-apocalyptic setting that has left you feeling helpless?

I… don’t read depressing dystopias… I watch the news for that. So I’m putting as an answer the only dystopian book that came to mind:


Chant – What’s a book with a dysfunctional relationship you can’t help but root for? 

41150487. sy475

Review. LISTEN these two are a mess but I find them adorable and I am rooting for them to be idiotic together

When the Chips are Down – What’s a book with a character that just happens to make decisions where you can’t help but find yourself yelling at the book for them not to make them?

30139283. sy475

Review. This poor kid doesn’t know how not to make bad decisions and I worry for him, please Adam,  let the kid rest and the readers relax.

Why We Build the Wall – What’s a villain you can’t help but love even though their motives… are… well, bad?

35403058. sy475 Review. I’m not saying that murdering children and enlisting them to do your bidding is okaybut the woman has a great aesthetic with her red cape in the snow and a solid way of doing bussiness and I can respect that

Wait for Me (Reprise) – What is a book that has an oppressed group standing up for their rights?

36950197. sy475 Review. The good old “I have magic so I’m better and richer than you” dilemma and how technology helps people rise up against that

We Raise our Cups – What is an epilogue that has left you wishing for a fictional character to be real, so you could give them a hug?

36187110. sy475

Review. My boy Miles has gone through shit and he deserves all the hugs in the world

I’m tagging everyone who also loves this fantastic musical!


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      1. Really?? That’s great! I hope you get to see it 😊
        (I live in Argentina so no matter the tour, there’s no chance they’ll come here 😂)


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