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Firestarter by Tara Sim

All things are subject to love.

Title: Firestarter

Series: Timekeeper #3

Author: Tara Sim

Publisher: Sky Pony Press

Format: e-book

Length: 488 pages

Rating: 5/5 ★★★★★


25761057The crew of the Prometheus is intent on taking down the world’s clock towers so that time can run freely. Now captives, Colton, Daphne, and the others have a stark choice: join the Prometheus’s cause, or fight back in any small way they can and face the consequences. But Zavier, leader of the terrorists, has a bigger plan—to bring back the lost god of time.

As new threats emerge, loyalties must shift. No matter where the Prometheus goes—Prague, Austria, India—nowhere is safe, and every second ticks closer toward the eleventh hour. Walking the line between villainy and heroism, each will have to choose what’s most important: saving those you love at the expense of the many, or making impossible sacrifices for the sake of a better world.


Meaning: the author manages to maintain the feelings of high-stakes all along the narrative while still allowing the characters moments of calm and intimacy so that they can deal with their feelings. I read the entire thing in just two days because it was impossible for me to put it dow, it was so good. This was a perfect finale for the trilogy, with all the characters getting their closure and an epic ending that leaves you breathless.



Resultado de imagen para everything gif

And I mean it. Starting from the beginning: that beautiful cover, with the broken clock and the airship on the top(!!!)

We begin with our main characters trapped and with no idea of what’s going on. I really liked the way Tara Sim did her own version of Previously on Timekeeper, because sometimes you read too many books or you let too much time pass between books and when you come back to a series you don’t remember exactly what’s happening at the moment. Through having clueless characters or explaining things to characters that weren’t there at the time we get a quick refresh on the story without it feeling like and info-dump.

As I mentioned above, the pacing was masterfully done. We start with a major conflict already underway and in no time it gets even more intense. The characters go from the frying pan into the fire time and again (each time a bigger, hotter fire) but the action doesn’t take up all the space, instead we get a balance between fighting and planning with scenes where the character talk and interact with each other.

THAT ENDING I’m still speechless after those last few chapters… Danny loses an arm and his entire heart, everyone seems to move on while he’s stuck only for him to manage to pull himself out of it and start living a little more, but it’s all slow going (as real recovery often is) and it hurt so much to read.



…this boy… the poor guy gets kidnapped and hurt on the daily and can not catch a break (except when he does, and then he spends as much as possible cuddling with his bf). Danny’s character goes through a lot on this book but especially on those last chapters. He’s been fighting with his own sense of morality all along the story, finding out information that makes him question everything he ever thought true, only to find out that even the gods are against his happiness. He still gets back up, he lets go of the power of time because Colton asks him, he cries for the people he lost and he gives everything to get Colton back. Danny goes through so much but in the end I believe that it all served not to change him but rather to rub him down to his purest form.


Colton discovers horniness: the novel. This boy remembers that he was a real boy, remembers what that felt like and as soon as he is able to he becomes the most physical spirit-boyfriend on Earth. I fucking love him.

On a more serious note, he has to deal with not only the fact that he’s actually dead but also that he had a life before, a loving family and a boyfriend; this killed me. Knowing he had died to protect time was one thing but to then find out Aetas wasn’t actually dead and that he needed to die again for the sake of the world? He had all the rights to become selfish and just refuse to give up his actual existence. He didn’t, though. Colton is the sweetest soul, no matter what he thinks; getting back his memories didn’t make him mean but rather gave him depth.


I’m still not too sure about him, to be honest; I understand why he did what he did but at the same time there were a lot of other ways that didn’t include putting so many lives in danger. Sure, in the end he gave his own life (who else saw that coming from the moment we figured out he needed blood?) but he’s also the reason many people died. I feel like he theorised so much on the gods and time and what it means to be good and bad that he forgot the practise.


Daphne is the best thing that ever happened to me and I love her for ever. She’s the only one that managed to keep a clear head while not turning heartless. We see her deal with so much in this book, but she always tries to help everyone around her


*Insert sounds of me crying in the distance* I was not expecting that to happen and I had to stop reading, look up from my kindle and whisper the most heartfelt What the fuck


He’s too trusting, like, he joins the rebels because he believes in the cause but then he joins Zavier to see his sister, which is a good reason but he almost never sees her and doesn’t question all the shit they make him do. He’s mad that the English are invading his country but he follows this boy’s command without seeming to disagree. Eventually he rectified but by then he doesn’t have a sister anymore and he’s mostly dead inside..

Gaian Gods

This is how I explained it to my friend: there was a god: Chronos who got too lazy to manage shit so he created other, smaller gods to do his work for him; then one of the smaller gods, Aetas, also got fed up with work and decided to use the little human beings roaming the Earth so that he could take a nap. Chronos got mad about it because he wanted Aetas to do the work and also the humans to die so he killed/imprisoned Aetas.

This lazy pieces of shit don’t deserve any sacrifice, the crew should have done away with them and just killed fucking Chronos.

Allie's Little Avenue

Sorry, forgot you had lungs.

People who can’t forgive other people usually can’t forgive themselves

I think I’m in the Tower of London, he thought to Colton.

What? You mean the prison?

No, it’s a merry place full of flowers and rainbows. Yes, of course it’s the prison.

“Mum, Dad, meet my kidnappers.”


I’ll give it 5 cogs,



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