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My blog in blogs

I saw this on Prefectly Tolerable and decided to try mi hand at it! It’s a fantastic way to highlight amazing blogs I follow and a way for you all to maybe discover new bloggers

The Rules

  • Spell your blog name with other blog names!
  • If you have a long blog name, feel free to shorten it/only use part of it!
  • Write a bit about each blog you mention to tell the world how much you love them.
  • Pingback to the creator of this tag (Hammock of Books).
  • Pingback all the blogs you mentioned so they can see why you love them.

I’ll follow Bittany’s example and not write anything but do the full blog name, so get ready because this will be long… and trust that all of these blogs are amazing and if you didn’t know about them then you should totally go check them out Continue reading “My blog in blogs”