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2019 Wrap Up

And that’s it for 2019… this year has been wild, personally. I’ve done a lot of shit and read few books but I loved almost every second of it. Now it’s time for a new era but before that, let’s close up on the last year of the 2010’s!

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NaNoWriMo 2019 Wrap Up

We made it!


I managed to write over 50,000 words in a month! And maybe you did too!

Even if you didn’t reach 50,000 you still did it! If you wrote anything during november then you did NaNo

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ARC August

We’re almost done with August and my objective of rereading my way through it is halfway done, however I’ve also dedicated a lot of time to ARCs and today I’ll tell you about the ones I’ve read so far,,

ARCs or Advanced Reader Copies are copies provided by the publishers 
to reviewers so that we can hype the book before the release date

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If you want to get your own ARCs then head over to NetGalley and make an account, it’s the easiest way to get started and most titles are published there. As long as you remember to review most of the books you get approved for, you’ll do great

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Blogtober- Book Review Roundup

Blogtober Day 21 and I don’t really understand this prompt from Jenniely! So instead of asking (like a normal human person) I’m guessing at it (like the book goblin I truly am)

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The way I read it is talking about the book reviews I’ve done (?) this year, which are a lot, so I won’t be commenting on each one. I’ll be linking my reviews and arranging them according to personal rating from lowest to highest:.. Continue reading “Blogtober- Book Review Roundup”

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Spring Bingo Wrap Up

So, this spring/actually fall season I decided to join the Bookish Spring Bingo made  by Becca from Pretty Deadly Reviews. I made a tbr and everything but my plans are to never be followed so I ended up changing a few books in there.

Although this last month and a half I’ve been stuck in an extremely annoying slump I did manage to read some books.

Here you have the progress I made during these three months:


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