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Future Me Tag

I took this tag from Kathy, from Books and Munches, go see her answers!

The future is a mystery but that never stopped anyone from dreaming or dreading what may happen. Today’s tag is all about how we hope things will turn out.

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In my family each New Year we ask ourselves the same thing Where will we be next year? This is as much a philosophical as a literal question. Life has moved us a lot so I learnt to always expect the unexpected and enjoy whatever comes at me. Continue reading “Future Me Tag”

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Get to know me TAG

I couldn’t find the creator of the tag but I saw it at Perfectly Tolerable and technically they tagged me? Okay, they just said anyone could do it BUT I’m anyone so there. While you are at it check out their answers since they are a really cool blogger.


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Book Blogger Insider Tag

Go on..
I’ll wait…
This is tag about the blogger (ie: me) and how I blog, where I write, and all that stuff.


Answer the questions below
Credit the creator: Jamie @ ALittleSliceofJamie
Tag at least 5 people
Have fun!

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Mini(?) Reading slump

Well… the title pretty much sums it up.

These last 2 weeks I’ve been in a reading slump and it’s so irritating. I’ve started three books and finished none and I have a lot of other books that I want to read. They are from different genres and different media but I just, can’t bring myself to pick any of them up.

I think I need a bit of a break, and I have read over 30 books this year so it’s not like I’m falling behind or anything, I just feel like not reading for now. Which sucks because I love writing reviews for the books I read and telling you all about new ones I’ve acquired.

When I’m like this I find myself turning to really short fanfics to fill the void, since they are around 3,000 words and have simpler plots than whole novels. I already know the characters and it’s more easy to read since the style and format is way different. If you’d like to hear all about fanfiction just drop a comment and I will make a post about that.

No new books any time soon but I will keep writing posts, just don’t expect any updates on my reading until I’m through this slump.

If you have any tips on how to get out of a reading slump take this as an open invitation to comment

That said, I’m going to the International Book Fair in Buenos Aires soon so you will get updates focused on that (look forward to it, it’s gonna be awesome)