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HP– Honoring the Dead Book Tag

This tag was invented by Books in the Skye. They were talking with their bff about which is the saddest death in Harry Potter (fun topic) and from that this tag was born! Or something like that, check out the original post for the story

Personally I think the saddest death was Fred. Out of all of them I feel like he had the most potential after the war and the fact that he left his TWIN behind just broke my heart. Although all the other deaths were sad too (except Snape’s, don’t @ me)

Here are the rules:

  • Thank the person who tagged you (and paste these rules)
  • Show your house pride!
  • Tag 7 other bloggers.


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The Entertainer Book Tag

I was tagged by Bibi’s book blog! You can see Bibi’s answers through that link, go do that and then come back. Her blog is also really good so check out other posts if you want

This tag is simple, you get tagged and the person who tagged you gives you six questions. They can be whatever questions they are feeling like so it’s a more dynamic than I usually do

These are Bibi’s qs::

  • What’s your favourite trope?
  • Is there any genre or sub-genre that you don’t want to read?
  • What’s your favourite blog posts to write?
  • Is there any books you’ve read in 2018, that you wish you hadn’t bothered with?
  • What’s your biggest book pet peeve?
  • Which 3 words describe you the best?

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Totally should’ve BookTag

This is a tag from LostInPages  and it’s been sitting in my drafts since forever so this week I decided to finish it and share it with all of you.

It’s a tag about book things that totally should’ve happened

I love books and I trust authors (normally) to do right by them but let’s be real, there are some things that we all would love to change if we could there’s a reason fanfiction is a thing

Readers are notorious for their varying opinions, especially when it comes to our favorite books. We had some fun answering these “totally should’ve” questions and giving our opinions on a few book-related topics!

Totally should've

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