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Blogtober Wrap Up

Made it!!!Resultado de imagen para celebrating gif

I can’t belive I somehow managed to post something every single day for a whole month! And didn’t die trying!!

So today is a day for celebrating, even though I had no time for anything else and I’m now 5 books behind schedule on the Goodreads challenge.

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Spring Bingo Wrap Up

So, this spring/actually fall season I decided to join the Bookish Spring Bingo made  by Becca from Pretty Deadly Reviews. I made a tbr and everything but my plans are to never be followed so I ended up changing a few books in there.

Although this last month and a half I’ve been stuck in an extremely annoying slump I did manage to read some books.

Here you have the progress I made during these three months:


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Comic books I’ve read so far

So, lately I’ve been reading a lot of comic books and thought that it’d be nice to share them with all of you. I already told you which these were on the wrap up but I wanted to stop on each of them to tell you a bit more.


I know this media is often regarded as lazy-reading but I find the union of words and images to give a different meaning to the stories. Also, sometimes I don’t feel up to committing to a whole 400+ pages so this is a good alternative where you get a story and good art. Personally I love them. Here are the ones I’ve read this year:

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