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Black History Month TBR

It’s Black History Month in the US and since there’s nothing like that in my country I’ve decided to take this opportunity to share with you all the books by black authors that I have on my TBR.

Since they are directly from MY list, it’s mostly YA fantasy or contemporary and all of them have pretty covers!

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Let’s do it!

As you may or may not know. this year I want to finally read all the books I already own (apart from those that I have preordered) and for this reason I decided to join a challenge!

Beat the Backlist 2019

Any genre, any format, any length. 

Any book published in 2018 or earlier is fair game.

Re-reads count. And you don’t have to own the book!

It’s exactly what I wanted to do! and (for me) it’s always easier to do things when you have a community to share with. They have a bingo card to check special kinds of books::


I’ve already read a few books this year and one of them happens to have been a christmas present so I’m ticking it off!

They also have a mini-challenge where you can join a Hogwarts house and win points to compete against other houses! I love a good rivalry

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Most awaited books that come out THIS WEEK

Just by the title you already know what to expect but still: here are a couple of books that I’ve been waiting for since they were announced, and we’re getting them both on the same day! TUESDAY 15

I’m putting this out today so that you can get ready for the moment they are available it is definitely NOT because I plan on shutting myself away from the world until I’m done reading… not at all

Resultado de imagen para new books gif

The first one is the final instalment of the Timekeeper trilogy by Tara Sim. I pre ordered it on my kindle so that I can read it as soon as it releases. As soon as I was done with Chainbreaker I needed to read this one so I placed the order on JUNE 2018


The second one I needed because I fell in love with the author, Roshani Chokshi, after reading The Star-Touched Queen, but also because of the summary and beautiful cover (Chokshi’scovers are always breath-taking)

Because of all of this I decided to preorder this particular book on hardcover so that I can enjoy it and then get all my friends to read it as well not to mention that it’ll look amazing displayed on my shelf. Also, it’s listed as historical fiction, since it takes place in France 1889 so it totally counts towards my goal of diversifying genres


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I raided my grandad’s library

and here’s the loot


If there’s one thing you all should know about my grandparents is that they love books almost as much as me and my grandfather is a huge Tolkien fan.

The other day I went over and my grandma told me to pick whatever I liked since they’ve already read everything they have and she wanted the books to go to someone who really appreciates them… that’s how I went home with 22 books in my backpack (would not recommend)

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Blogtober- October TBR

BLOGTOBER DAY 1! Today I’m giving you all my TBR for this month, it’s pretty short because I’ll be trying to blog more and, sadly, that means less reading time but there’s still a bunch of really good books I wanna get to this month::

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These picks come from the (slightly) larger Spring TBR I did the other week so they are subject to change depending completely on my mood once I finish what I’m reading right now…

Thank you Jenniely for the Blogtober prompts!

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Latinx Book Bingo

Today is the first day of the Latinx Book Bingo!

Hosted on Twitter by   and  during Hispanic Heritage Month

However let's not forget that 
not all Latinx are hispanic and not all Hispanics are latinx. 
Someone from Brazil is Latinx but not hispanic, 
someone from Spain is hispanic but not latinx.
This has been your friendly disclaimer

I decided to take part in it to help me read more latinx Authors (one of my Resolutions) I invite all of you who feel up for a challenge to take this on with me.


I have a tentative TBR, though I never actually end up reading my TBRs

If you want more recs head over to Sofia @Bookish Wanderers! She has 90 book recomendations divided by rep and own voices, so you want to go over there

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