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2020 New Releases

At least the first half of 2020 because if I do the whole year then this would get far too long.

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What’s the best part of a new year?

The new books of course!

2020 has some really amazing titles coming out on just the first half of it so let’s get to my Top 10 (because if I put all of them then it’ll get too long lbh)

They are in order of publication NOT excitement, because I only have two moods: meh and I want it right now


40877706. sy475 This is a Bolivian inspired fantasy which came out yesterday. I haven’t read it yet (even though I have and ARC… SORRY) But it sounds pretty great


I love Tara Sim and her first series, The Timekeeper Series, was amazing so I have really high hopes for this desi-inspired fantasy. From what she’s been posting on her twitter it will not dissapoint

34510711. sy475

Adam Silvera has killed my soul many times (with History is all you left me and They both die at the end) but now he’s gonna try and do it in a fantasy setting!

 44218347. sy475

Anna-Marie McLemore is one of the best latinx authors I know, the way they write magical realism is so raw that you feel like you are living the stories so any new book is cause of hype


43449920. sy475

The third volume of Heartstopper is comming out and I can’t wait! The boys are going to Paris and they are as lovely as ever. This comic is super cute, I’ve been reading it online but a friend of mine has the volumes and they are adorable

 41473380. sy475

Second part of Witchmark! The first book ended on a cliffhanger and I can’t wait to see how it gets resolved, I also love this world and the magic system


Also known as the TJ Klune month


Have you watched The Umbrella Academy? This is kind of like that but without the shitty parenting and the incest! So only good things and by and author that I trust completely. TJ has a style that mixes high tension moments with really good humor so this is gonna be good
50162545. sx318 sy475 The last book of the Green Creek Series and we’ve been teased for far too long. We know it’s gonna break all our hearts but I just want it to be out right now! After the ending of Heartsong I just don’t know what’s going to happen anymore


41541435. sx318

Second and last volume of Check please and I’m going to cry. I’ve been following this comic since it was just a small web comic posted on Tumblr (it’s grown so much…) and I’m so happy for Ngozi for getting so far


49334205. sy475

I didn’t know anything about this book until I saw it on twitter, I fell in love with the cover (how could I not?) but then I read the summary and went absolutely feral, I can already feel it becoming one of my 2020 favorites…   39407725. sy475 Superheroes AND fanfiction? It’s like TJ knows me personally. This book has everything I could ask for and it’s by one of my favorite authors so of course it’s a most anticipated


46676540Look. At. That. Cover.

Also, it’s about a trans latino broju trying to prove himself and accidentally summoning a badboy ghost he may or may not fall in love with? Sign me the fuck up

I wasn’t lying, 2020 is gonna be a fantastic year for reading and if you know of any other great book comming out on the first half then let me know!


Book lover and hockey goalie from Argentina. Trying to figure life out

3 thoughts on “2020 New Releases

  1. So many amazing books are releasing this year! I can’t wait to read Anna-Marie’s book & a lot of other books on this list! 😄💖🎉 I haven’t read Check Please, but I’ve heard really good things about it. Hopefully I can get to it this year, I’m always looking for new graphic novels! Happy January 📚🎉


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