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Audiobooks on Spotify

YES! There’s actually audiobooks you can listen to if you have a Spotify account.

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Thanks to the SpotifyWarpped I found out that people don’t know about these, so today I’m sharing the books you can listen to fully on Spotify

This is obviously NOT sponsored I wish but rather an honest attempt to get audiobooks to more people. They are such a nice way of reading, especially if you can’t stare at a page for whatever reason.

Spotify is also a cheaper alternative to buying each individual book

Click on the names to go to GR and on the covers for Spotify

The only one I listened to fully on Spotify was Don’t Date Rosa Santos and it was amazing. The book is divided in little chunks of about 3 to 4 minutes each so try to remember your place if you wan to listen to something else in the mean time!

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Maggie Stiefvater has most her books up on Spotify, you can see her profile here and access all of her titles

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Mask of Shadows has been on my TBR for a while, it has an amazing summary and a queer main character in a fansay setting so basically all the things I could ask for! Also on Spotify you have the sequel: Ruin of Stars

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A book that was featured on my Best Covers of 2019 and that I need to read sometime soon is Descendant of the Crane. I just found it on Spotify and you can bet that I’m listening to it as soon as I get the time

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These were just the ones I have on my TBR but there are so many. I’m a fantasy fan but there’s titles from all genres available, from mystery to romance, to spirituality, to classics… if you look for something you’ll probably find it

If you llike audiobooks or you never tried them and want to, then open Spotify, type on the search bar “unabridged” and click on “See all albums”.

I hope this helps!


Book lover and hockey goalie from Argentina. Trying to figure life out

6 thoughts on “Audiobooks on Spotify

  1. I saw Maggie’s books on there a while back but since I’ve already read them I was like ‘oh neat, noted’. Didn’t know about Descendant of the Crane that’s great, now I don’t have to spend an audible credit for it! 😀

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  2. Thats super awesome!! I don’t have spotify but I feel like more people need to hear about this!!! I was expecting a bunch of old books to be available (books like Pride and Prejudice are out of copywrite so you can find free audiobook editions all over the place) but those are actually newer and super popular books!


  3. Hallo, Hallo,…Consu,

    Routed over to your lovely book blog from “Way Too Fantasy”… I have been trying to find more audiobooks via Spotify to enjoy in the New Year as I just stumbled across these somewhere round #SpooktasticReads which is a mini-event I co-host during October attached to our main Fantasy event which is @WyrdAndWonder every May. I cannot believe you’ve found “Descendant of the Crane”!! This has been on my TBR ever since I missed the street team by days… I’m definitely going to earmark that one to be listened to very early-on in January! Especially as I’m cooking up a weekly Wyrd and Wonder feast of loveliness on my blog not just to encourage my own fantastical wanderings but to help increase the chances of other Fantasy lovers finding our event before it begins our 3rd Year in May 2020!! So, thank you!

    PS: Extra gratitude for revealling ‘how’ to find the other audiobooks!!


    1. OOoh my goodness! Not only is this going to help me read/listen to more Classics throughout the New Year *but!* I’m finding audiobooks by authors I’ve interviewed on my blog but *never!* had the chance to read! Inasmuch as finding some audiobooks which my library regularly checks out to patrons and the hold queues are quite long and large! Goodness. I’ve been updating my #theclassicsclub list for all the lovelies via Spotify Audiobooks ever since I came across your post! Thanks for such a blessing of joy!!!


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