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NaNoWriMo 2019 Wrap Up

We made it!


I managed to write over 50,000 words in a month! And maybe you did too!

Even if you didn’t reach 50,000 you still did it! If you wrote anything during november then you did NaNo

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For the last post on my NaNoWriMo series I decided to share a bit about my own project and its progress

First of all a bit about my project: Just Write

It wasn’t a novel (I know, I cheated) The idea was to write a chort story each day until I reached the goal, the stories were mostly fanfiction or unrelated parts of novels I’m planning on writing eventually.

A little bit of everything, going with what I felt like writing ech day.

This sort of project, turns out, gives you some weird looking stats. These were my word-count charts for the monthsgerghrst

Consistency? I don’t know her

My wordcount was whatever but I always tried to stay above the light-blue line so that I’d have breathing space for those days where writing just wasn’t happening.

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I made a lot of new writer friends along the way, too! They are all from my same city and we created a Discord chat to keep in touch. It’s the first time I went to a write-in and I can’t recommend the experience enough.

Sometimes just chatting with like-minded people can help you a lot towards not loosing steam. We cheer each other on and help when someone had issues with their projects.

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And we all had such different porjects too. There were two that were doing a screenplay, another who was writing dystopia, another who went full out and made a world populated by lizards. It’s really fun.

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The key (for me) to keep going even when I don’t feel like it, is to have a community backing you up, helping you through it. Because if it’s just you then you’ll always be in the same space, unmoving.

What now?

This is a good question. On the NaNo site the What Now months are usually for formating and editing and all that stuff. Since I didn’t write a novel I’m not participating in that. What I’m doing, however, is keep up my writing habit.

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I proved to myself that I’m capable of getting a lot of writing done if only I sit down and do it. So I hope to go on writing and maybe next year I’ll be writing a full blown novel.


Book lover and hockey goalie from Argentina. Trying to figure life out

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