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NaNoWriMo 101-Pep talks and selfcare

Can you believe we are already past the halfway point? I can’t. Usually, this is the part where stories get more complex and the plot holes stare into your soul, where all the hype of beginning your novel is gone and you have the (in my opinion harder) task of not giving up.

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For this purpose is that today we’ll talk about pep talks offered on the NaNo website and self care for writers. 

With special guest JK Rowling (before she became the disappointment she is today)

First things first: what are pep talks?

NaNo has contact with a lot of published authors from across the world and across genres, and they ask them to write a few words of encouragement for all of us making it through November.

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I especially like the one by Victoria Schwab, but I may be biased by my love for her…

They are full of positive energy but also good advice. Some authors focus on how to get out of a slump or tricks to spark your creativity, others prefer to talk about how important it is to focus on getting out the story and not on it being perfect, there’s lots of different approaches but no matter what, they are all telling you the same thing, don’t give up, we’ve all been there, and they got past it.

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Now unto self care.

This is super important, when you are trying to fit as many words as possible in a month you tend to deem other things “unnecessary” and forget about them, it can be anything from exercising to sleep.

I’m here to tell you that not reaching the 50,000 isn’t a failure and you don’t need to drain yourself to make it.

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Sure, it’s nice to see the stats and numbers going up but don’t forget that there isn’t a story without someone to write it.

I did a NaNo Survival Kit but this is your reminder to take care.

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Go as far as you can, but don’t die in the process. Your story will be even better if you actually sleep. You can make it if you give it your all and if you don’t? Then there’s December and the rest of your life to write it.



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