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NaNoWriMo 101-Write-ins and Sprints

We’re one week done! If you’ve gotten this far then give yourself a round of applause, you deserve it.

If you are still wondering if you should join then do it! Take the leap now and don’t worry about catching up to the “ideal” word count. Just write

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Last week it was all about the word-count and stats, now we talk about how to get there

I’ll tell you about write-in’s and writing sprints, both highly useful NaNo features.

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Imagine this: you are sitting at your desk, totally ready to type out all the words you want, you have your coffee, your snacks and anything you could need. Then you look at your side and are immediately distracted by the smallest thing. You spend two hours and you’ve only written five words.

Seems familiar? That was me yesterday evening.

Sometimes our brains just don’t wanna focus, and they will make literally anything far more interesting than staring at your Word Document. That’s why write-in’s and sprints exist.

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These are event usually organized by you local NaNo groups OR the main NaNo channel on youtube

They are gatherings of writers that help keep each other accountable and also provide the perfect ambiance to fully focus on writing and nothing else (usually with tons of snacks too) They happen in coffee shops and other public places so that everyone can get in and take part. If you want to write then that’s the place to be.

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Some people (like me) have complicated schedules though, and they can’t make it to the physical write-in’s or they live somewhere where there aren’t any being organized.

For people like this we have the NaNoWriMo youtube channel! Here they post one write-in session per day where other writers will hold live-feeds everyone has access to and you can watch all the past videos as well! They guide you through some writing prompts and also hold sprints with the participants.


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Writing sprints are a way of getting a lot of words in small chunks of time. As I said before you can participate on sprints during write ins but there’s also a twitter feed @NaNoWordSprints that holds sprints during the day.

Usually you are given a prompt and a set time, they can be from 5 minutes to 20 depending on how long you’ve been writing or how complex the prompt is.

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The prompts will be something useful for you novel, be it character exploration or a creation of some sort of conflict to advance the plot. Either way you’ll get much farther along your word-count during these since you are completely focused on writing it down and know you have a limited timeline.

I love doing the 5 minutes ones since my attention span is rather short and I work better that way.

Whether you like writing in communal settings and sharing your progress or you are more of a loner who wants to just sit down and write, these are fantastic resources to employ if you feel stuck or don’t know exactly what will happen next.

Tell me if you’ve taken part on any write-ins or sprints this week!

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