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Pairing 2019 releases with your D&D alignment

SwoonReads (a fantastic platform you should check out if you read YA) posted a list of recs according to your class and I was inspired to make a series of recs for 2019 releases according to different D&D character choices!

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Third instalment and probably the last, you can see the previous ones here:

  1. Class

  2. Race

Today: Alignments!

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This chart is so good for those who have trouble understanding the finer points of alignments like me

First of all a couple of clarifications:

  • I’m going off the 5e playbook because that’s what I use
  • I’m basing this in totally arbitrary notions
  • I haven’t read a few of these books so I’m going by their GR summaries
  • All quotes are by me
  • If you have any other suggestions feel free to tell me in the comments!

The Goods

Lawful Good

My current alignment since I wanted some variety and my party was all “neutral”

41717246. sy475

Rosa Santos IS lawful good. She is a sweetheart who cares too much about people and is always trying to follow the rules, even when she’s “breaking” them

Neutral Good

My definition of this would be “chill with the law until stated otherwise”


The protagonist does things just because “it’s the right thing to do” and does try to play by the rules but doesn’t care if they have to bend a little

Chaotic Good

My campaign-son is this. He’s a bro who is trying his best but even a +3 intelligence can’t save him from his dumbass energy. I love him very much

44162916. sx318

This is also, coincidentally, the alignment I’d give to Caleb if he ever played. He’s doing the best he can with his situation but you can’t blame him for not caring about rules

The Neutrals

Lawful Neutral

“I’ll follow the law, I don’t care if it’s good or not” this has so much potential if you have a truly weird set of rules

38244358. sy475

What better example of weird rules you have to follow than the worlds from the Wayward Children universe? on this particular book the protagonist decides to run away to a world where the rules are something that goes more with what they want

True Neutral

They just go through life doing whatever they want at any given moment. Not caring much about either morality or rules

36307634. sy475 Nikolai is a pirate made king. He knows what he needs to do to make Ravka a better place. Rules? He makes them as he sees fit

Chaotic Neutral

Impulse driven is a great definition. It’s doing what you have to do no matter what others say

35887567. sy475 A protagonist who wants to be great, even when everybody tells her she can’t? She’ll do what she knows she can do and fuck everybody else

The Evil

They aren’t evil they just couldn’t give two fucks about morality over personal goals

Lawful evil

I’ll do what I’m supposed to. In the most inconvenient way possible. These are the ones that make you wonder just how corrupt the rules can get

43263680We’ll give you a second chance on life and higher education… you only need to spy on these super shady secret societies for us!

Neutral Evil

I’ll fuck shit up, I don’t care what means I need to employ

39863498Sometimes you can make someone do what you want without ever using force. Sometimes you drug a man until he does your bidding. Either way, you’ll get what you want

Chaotic Evil

I know exactly where I want to be and I’ll break every rule along my way.

31373184The moment Ronan finds out there’s people out there who think dreaming should be forbidden he’ll just start dreaming even harder. Street racing is just one of the ways he likes to tell people to fuck off

There you have them! All the possible alignments explained and booked.


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