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Matching 2019 releases to your D&D race

SwoonReads (a fantastic platform you should check out if you read YA) posted a list of recs according to your class and I was inspired to make a series of recs for 2019 releases according to different D&D character choices!


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Second part of this series! I don’t know how far I’ll go but we’ll see..


Resultado de imagen para dnd 5e playable races

First of all a couple of clarifications:

  • I’m going off the 5e playbook because that’s what I use
  • I know some people don’t have the different races memorized that’s why they all have links to the wikipedia articles
  • For obvious reasons I’m not including every possible subrace
    • If you want me to delve deeper into a specific race let me know
  • Only including playable characters this time
  • If you have any other suggestions feel free to tell me in the comments!


Resultado de imagen para dnd yasha official art
Yasha from Critical Role (fallen aasimar)

They are descentants of celestial beings and come in different states of “grace”. Basically angels but more badass


Current character is an Aasimar, they are beautiful and stupid but they are trying their best

DragonbornResultado de imagen para dragonborn d&d official art

Basically people with the blood of dragons… don’t ask too many quesitons they just look amazing


HOW have I not played a dragonborn yet?¿

DwarfResultado de imagen para dnd 5e playable races human

Tiny and resilient, if you love fantasy then you know these guys well enough


I have played as a dwarf before, my thought process was this: I wanna be strong and hit things with a hammer. Turns out there’s so much more to that race


Resultado de imagen para elf dnd 5e
Did you know that D&D elves are shorter than normal humans??

They are heavily influenced by Tolkien, they love nature, do magic, and live really long


Everyone’s first character is an elf wizard, maybe you didn’t play as one but you thought about it……


Resultado de imagen para caduceus critical role
Cadueceus from Critical Role

Have you ever wanted to be an elf but thought “it isn’t extra enough”? Firbolgs are part fae, look like eldritch horrors if they want to and can commune with the gods, what else could you want?


I love firbolgs??? They are so nonsensical and chill all the time


Resultado de imagen para gnome dnd official art

Resourceful and always tinkering with something, this race can make almost anything if they set their minds to it


I didn’t even know I could play as a gmone until I started making this, I thought they were just traders but now I think I’m gonna make a new character sheet in case I start another campaing….


Resultado de imagen para half elf dnd 5e
Don’t you sometimes just burst into song??

You get the beeeeest of both worlds! This is another typical choice, and for good reason, you can be powerful and stealthy like and elf but strong and resilient like a human and you also get the pointy ears, win-win


My party has three of these so you can imagine how popular they are. You get all the good things from both races


Resultado de imagen para fjord critical role official art
Fjord from critical Role

These poor babies are really strong but mostly hated becuse they are, you know, half orc


I’m weak for pretty aesthetics so I don’t know if I’ll ever play one of these…. might give it a chance for a one-shot or a shorter campaing though



Resultado de imagen para beverly toegold the fifth official art

Beverly from NotAnotherDnDPodcast


Halflings are the best rogues hands down. They have the best stealth and nobody suspects them because they look like cute children or respectable people. But even when they are playing any other class, halflings are quick and adaptable


I have played a halfling before and it was great (the fact that the character was stoned half the time is no indicator of their abilities)

HumanResultado de imagen para dnd 5e playable races human

Let’s be real, this is the “safe” race but it’s also one of the most versatiles. It doesn’t have any inherent weaknesses (except the massive flaw of the lack of dark vision)

35561260. sy475

Never played a human before but I’m not judging


Resultado de imagen para mollymauk critical role dnd official art
Mollymauk from Critical Role

I have yet to meet a tiefling that isn’t slutty and I say that in the best of ways

Descendants from devils and enchanting, they have a bunch of magic and can literally talk you into dying

42133479. sx318

Almost played as a tiefling on the current campaing but another player choose it first and I didn’t feel like repeating race, in the end I just married her character,,

There’s almost no definite criteria for these choices, since I haven’t read most of these so I’m going by their summaries, but if you think they are/n’t accurate let me know!

All quotes by me (obviously)

If you want to know more about Critical Role or NotAnotherDnDPodacst feel free to check out the links and find even more podcasts on my latest post about podcasts I’m listenningt to


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