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ARC August

We’re almost done with August and my objective of rereading my way through it is halfway done, however I’ve also dedicated a lot of time to ARCs and today I’ll tell you about the ones I’ve read so far,,

ARCs or Advanced Reader Copies are copies provided by the publishers 
to reviewers so that we can hype the book before the release date

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If you want to get your own ARCs then head over to NetGalley and make an account, it’s the easiest way to get started and most titles are published there. As long as you remember to review most of the books you get approved for, you’ll do great

I’ve gotten 5 ARCs this month and finished 3 of them (because I just got the last 2… I’ll probably be done with them in less than three days though)

46251496. sx318 This first book is pretty self-explanatory. I’m planning on moving to Scotland next year and this is a comprehensive guide to do so. It’s full of useful lists and advice as well as encouragement and testimonials from people who have gone through it before. I really liked it and I’ll definitely be picking it back up the closer I get to January…

43523082I love to travel, that’s a fact, but I have the need to be constantly moving towards something, always thinking about the next thing and sometimes that stops me from enjoying the place I’m in at the moment. This book teaches you how to be present while being in a completely different environment, it has tips for meditation, mindful eating and all that stuff.

46658316. sy475 Along the lines of the last book, this one is more for the day to day, it’s a collection of letters between two friends with mindfulness exercises at the end of each day. There’s a letter for each day of the year so you can take it easy and read just a bit every day-

43263028. sy475

Second part of the Hat Trick Series, I read the first one last year and it was super fun. It’s basically a romance novel all about hockey players and this time they are both goalies (*cough*like me*cough*). I just know I’ll fly through this one.

Resultado de imagen para the silvered serpents by roshani chokshi

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, the sequel to the lovely The Gilded Wolves, I can’t wait to read this book, the first part of the trilogy was so amazing that I fell in love immediately so I know I will love this one as well. I’ll be sure to write a (spoiler free) review as soon as I’m done with this ARC


Book lover and hockey goalie from Argentina. Trying to figure life out

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