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August’s (Re)Reading Plans

((Fun fact: the prefix “re” in Argentina means “very” so technically rereading a book means reading it very hard))

Do you all know how many sequels are coming on the second half of 2019?? A lot

I’ve decided to dedicate this month to (mostly) re reading books I enjoyed and whose stories I’m getting back into soon so I have all the characters fresh in my mind. Also because the other day I got an irrational urge to reread the entire Green Creek Series and I needed a good excuse to do it.

Resultado de imagen para rereading gif

Graphic Novels

I’ve got two of these

Number one has just published the second volume so I obviously need to reread the first one because of reasons

35684941  41812788

As for the second one, it runs two years behind the webcomic, which just started its final year. I’m emotional because I’ve been following it pretty much from the beginning so I’ll most likely reread the whole thing a few times before it’s officially over

37534577  41541435. sx318


The reason why I’m on a rereading spree and a series dear to my heart that decided to publish the last two books within four months

29233804. sy475   35114241 41454372. sx318

This book is so short and interesting that I can read it in a day so I’ll give it another go just before Tunnel of Bones so it feels like one long book

35403058. sy475   39352771. sy475

The last one doesn’t actually have a sequel coming out but I bought the collector’s edition and the one for the sequel has been announced so it’s almost the same thing:

Resultado de imagen para six of crows collectors edition  Resultado de imagen para crooked kingdom collector's edition


This is new for me since I don’t usually (ie. never) reread books but I’m on a weird kick and I’m willing to see how far it lasts.

Do you like rereading books? Or are you like me and once you are done with a story you are Done (TM)? Let me know!


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