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The Infinite Noise by Lauren Shippen *ARC Review*

The Great Amazing Feelings Boy rides again, this time feeling stronger than ever

Title: The Infinite Noise

Series: The Bright Sessions #1

Author: Lauren Shippen

Publishing Date: September 24th 2019

Format: E-ARC

Length: 336 Pages

Rating: 4/5 ★★★★☆


44162916. sx318 Lauren Shippen’s The Infinite Noise is a stunning, original debut novel based on her wildly popular and award-winning podcast The Bright Sessions.

Caleb Michaels is a sixteen-year-old champion running back. Other than that his life is pretty normal. But when Caleb starts experiencing mood swings that are out of the ordinary for even a teenager, his life moves beyond “typical.”

Caleb is an Atypical, an individual with enhanced abilities. Which sounds pretty cool except Caleb’s ability is extreme empathy—he feels the emotions of everyone around him. Being an empath in high school would be hard enough, but Caleb’s life becomes even more complicated when he keeps getting pulled into the emotional orbit of one of his classmates, Adam. Adam’s feelings are big and all-consuming, but they fit together with Caleb’s feelings in a way that he can’t quite understand.

Caleb’s therapist, Dr. Bright, encourages Caleb to explore this connection by befriending Adam. As he and Adam grow closer, Caleb learns more about his ability, himself, his therapist—who seems to know a lot more than she lets on—and just how dangerous being an Atypical can be.

“What if the X-Men, instead of becoming superheroes, decided to spend some time in therapy?”

(Vox on The Bright Sessions)

As this hasn't come out yet the review is spoiler free!

Allie's Little Avenue

It’s a sweet highschool romance with a side of superpowered humans and ethically-dubious experimentation, and tons of positive therapy representation

Let me start this by saying I loved the podcast so getting a book that gives us a different perspective on these characters and focuses more on the romantic relationship instead of the world-wide conspiracy is pretty nice

The book is super cute and well written, it nail the teenage voice on both points of view. This also means that the awkward moments were super awkward and feelings were messy, but that’s just life.

Caleb’s powers!!! I loved the descriptions and the color-analogies, seeing this directly from his perspective makes it so much easier to understand, especially where he’s trying to explain it to others, you can see how his words aren’t enough but at the same time whow he doesn’t know how to explain.

The dual POV was a fantastic choice since it lets us understand each side and sympathise with both characters equally. Their voices are distinct and you get a lot about them just by the patterns of their internal dialogue.

One thing that I really loved in this is how different Adam and Caleb see themselves, personal image is never really good in high school but the little quirks and habits they see in each other are suddenly adorable and make them look good while the other person thinks they look like a dork and impossible to like.

I’ll admit that I wanted the story to go a bit further, I wanted to see Adam and Caleb dealing with the events of the finale but I understand that it wasn’t the point of this book. I believe you can reading without having listened to the podcast but it will feel like a lot of things went unexplained and a lot of storylines were left unfinished.


Allie's Little Avenue

Oh. Rights. I have my own feelings. I sort of forgot about those. Honestly, I’d like to keep forgetting about them.

We don’t always have to love ourselves in order to recieve love from others. Sometimes, that’s how we learn to love ourselves.

“Why is this so hard?” he groans.


“Being a person”


I’ll give it 4 calm and soothing feelings


Book lover and hockey goalie from Argentina. Trying to figure life out

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