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Matching Kindle highlights to Books

It’s no secret that most of the reading I do is on my kindle, I find it super practical and the easiest way to find books that aren’t available in my country. I also have the habit of marking every passage that catches my eye, maybe it’s a key plot point or witty dialogue or just a funny turn of phrase.

When you combine those two you end up with Kindle Highlights that make almost no sense and you random bits od sentences with no context whatsoever.

That’s why I invented this little game: I’ll copy 10 of my most obscure highlights and try to guess which book they belong to, feel free to play along with me and tell me how many you got right!

Resultado de imagen para dots buzzfeed unsolved gif

“There, there,” she crooned, “would that I could eat anyone that made you unhappy.”

I really like this one, and I actually think I used it in the review for the book… The Star-Touched Queen

Should you listen to these “rational” people? Absolutely not.

Words to live by, and they come form the pages of Brooding YA Hero

Just imagine the stories. Prince comes back from day with mystery guard with no clothes, or modesty left.

Scandalous! Although I’ve read my fair share of stories about a prince and his… guard, the tone of this quote can only belong to one: Cloaked in Shadow

Sorry, forgot you had lungs.

What happens when your overenthusiastic boyfriend gets you alone in your room for a few minutes but he also happens to be not-human? Find out reading Firestarter

(…)their legs were cased in trousers, notorious sign of a barbarian.

Ah, to be a young Macedonian prince destined to conquer the world and judge other people’s style choices… Fire from Heaven

This is making me feel a way.

This is me, trying to talk about feelings; but also History is all you left me

He smiled. Her eye twitched. Everything was going fabulously.

… sounds about right. This book is me so much that I could have put any quote and it’d sound like I said it myself Let’s talk about love

“Anytime you want someone to buy you real bread,” she says, “just say the word.”

Bread is the foundation of society and so, everyone should have a friend who’d get them contraband wheat byproducts and more sweet things from The Summer of Jordi Perez

“I told you guys, I’m a witch. I’m not a Jedi.”

When your Jedi friend does Jedi things but is still in denial, but also, he’s a witch from Wolfsong

“What do you want?”

“I don’t care.”

“You can’t not care. It’s ice cream. Everyone cares.”

EVERYONE cares about ice cream, even people who don’t like it, and that’s a fact. Another fact is that this belongs to Blanca & Roja

That’s it! I cheated more times than I care to admit but it was nice to find these among my more serious notes. There are so many ways to enjoy a story and so many faces a writer can show us.



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