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Bare Your Bookshelf

To start this year in the best way I thought it’d be nice to share a bit of my shelf with all of you and what better way to do this than a tag?

I found this tag on Perfectly Tolerable’s 12 Days of Tags on Christmas so here’s my own version.

Imagen relacionada

Keep in mind that I don’t actually own many physical books since they are really expensive in my country so all the books I own have something special about them.

A Book You own, but haven’t read yet.

I feel like this is a personal attack… THERE ARE A LOT. I made a physical TBR of which I only read one and a half and also took a lot of books from my grandparents so….

BUT since this question ask for only one I’ll bring your attention to one particular beauty my parents got me for christmas! They know me so well!!

EDIT: I actually started this one on the 1st of January and finished it yesterday… still, look how pretty it is!

Books your friends love

I have this particular book: Vigo es Vivaldi, wich I brought from Spain and isn’t published in Argentina. My entire group of friends read and loved it. It’s a teenage boy’s diary during his last year of highschool and it takes place in Galicia. It has beautiful writing, relatable characters and a sweet romance:

Books by an author you love

I know this is in plural but I am poor so it will only be one book by an author I love. Although it is a collector’s editionaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png

I’m in love with this one

Books at the bottom of your tbr

My TBR isn’t actually organized in any sort of way, and considering how much my taste in books can vary any book could be the next read…

Books with color in the title

Books set somewhere you’d like to visit

I wouldn’t mind even visiting “Boring” London and as a matter of fact I’m currently planning a backpacking trip to the UK!

Most Collected author

He’s on the top of my shelf because I didn’t want to separate his books but also they are not the same height so they couldn’t go with the others…

Here’s my (steadily growing) JRR Tolkien collection!


Mismatched series

This hurts me deep inside….. especially because it’s a series that I love and I read when I was just a kid (the first time, actually, my dad read it to me) and I’m missing the most famous book of the entire series somehow???

Here’s my Spanish hardcover Chronicles of Narnia collection that I’ve had with me through years and continents:

Beautiful, right?

Now here’s the second book on the series, which I had to buy myself last year on a second-hand bookstore after I was fixing my shelf and noticed the gap:

Yes, that is in fact a paperback English edition from the 1980’s. Is it pretty? Yeah! But it doesn’t match…..

Books You Love, But Don’t Remember Well

I am intending to re-read this one this year, in its original french, since I read it when I was a kid and don’t remember much.

How many books do you have?

105! Not all of them in the shelf, though. Due to lack of space I have about thirty of them strewn around my bedroom in whichever flat surface I could reach.

Is your shelf everything you want it to be?

Not really, again: it’s very small and I have quite a few books that don’t fit but it was the best I could do with the size of my room..

I Tag: ALL OF YOU! Show your shelves!


Book lover and hockey goalie from Argentina. Trying to figure life out

6 thoughts on “Bare Your Bookshelf

  1. Yay! I am glad you did the tag 🙂 Your cover of Six of Crows is really pretty ❤ I can't see all of your pictures tho 😦 a lot of them aren't loading for some reason. (probably my computer having issues) I always forget Tolkien has written books other than LOTR 😂😂 I should probably read some of his other stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It even has drawings of all the main characters and it’s signed!!❤❤
      Nooo, I’ll try to re-size the pictures😦 maybe if they are smaller it’s easier
      I mean, they are all the same universe but yeah, Tolkien has a lot of books and I have alot of them!


    1. Yeah! I’ll go on May and spend three weeks roaming the UK at large 😁 I trust that London won’t be boring for those of us who have never been there😂


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