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My Good Reading Habits

I’m trying to convince Santa to put me back on the Nice list since there are SO many book that I want to get this year so here’s my honest attempt. I’m supposed to tell you all about my good reading habits as opposed to my well-documented Bad Reading Habits….

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Picking books I’ll like

Apparently this counts as a good habit so I’ll take it. I’m a mood reader, meaning my TBR is more of a hopeful fantasy than an actual list of my soon-to-be-read books. It also means that I’ll research a book before committing to it and only start it if I know I’m going to enjoy it. It may take me a year to finish because I’m a mess and read 7 books at a time but I’ll probably give it four or five stars when I’m done

I don’t waste too much money on books

(just the necessary amount)

(Which is still too much according to my mom)

I do want to support authors and the publishing industry but most of the time I’ll be buying the e-book version of a book because it’s cheaper and it means I can get MORE books later. The hardcovers that I own were either a gift or that beautiful collector’s edition of Six of Crows that was totally worth almost a thousand pesos..

I always use a separate bag or a book sleeve whenever I’m taking my physical copies out

Since I don’t really own many physical copies I take good care of those I have, to protect them from bent corners and possible water damage I’ll always take them on the Fairyloot book bag or my Black Panther Book-sleeve that I got with Illumicrate.


(Fairyloot image courtesy from their website, direct link if you click it)

…Think that’ll be enough to trick show Santa??

Now I wanna know about you all’s reading habits so I’m tagging some people::

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Book lover and hockey goalie from Argentina. Trying to figure life out

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