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Festive Christmas Book Tag

According to my family’s tradition, we put up all the Christmas decorations on December 8 (a special day on the Catholic calendar), and so today I’m doing the Festive Christmas Book Tag.

I saw this at Browsing for Books’ Bookmas¬†and the guest blog was For the Love of Books. The tag was created by the Booktuber GirlReading and you can check out the original video¬†here.

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Sidenote: As a Spanish/Argentine family we put up the christmas tree but also make a really big production for the nativity. (If any of you have been to Spain for the winter holidays then you know what I’m talking about). It’s the whole city of Bethlehem, the desert with the Three Wise Men and as many people and animal as we can cram into whatever surface we’re using that year. My dogs are unwilling participants in all of this and always get santa hats and reindeer antlers put on them (I’ll see if I post some pictures of this year’s) It’s an activity that takes up the better part of a day. Continue reading “Festive Christmas Book Tag”