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I raided my grandad’s library

and here’s the loot


If there’s one thing you all should know about my grandparents is that they love books almost as much as me and my grandfather is a huge Tolkien fan.

The other day I went over and my grandma told me to pick whatever I liked since they’ve already read everything they have and she wanted the books to go to someone who really appreciates them… that’s how I went home with 22 books in my backpack (would not recommend)

There are three kinds of books I took from the shelves:

  1. Beautiful old editions
  2. Books about interesting subjects
  3. Authors I wanna read

Beautiful Old Editions


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THIS BOOK it belonged to my great-grandmother back in Spain and it’s one of the prettiest things I’ve got. It’s called Old tales from Old Spain and it’s an anthology of short stories from the 13th century to the 15th. Not only is it bound in leather but it has sprayed edges with a motif and the end papers are so intricate that I had to add a photo as well.

IMG_20181120_090629.jpg This one is called Tales of the Alhambra, it’s another old classic from XX century Spain, the pages are super thin but you can feel the history on it.


Tiny books! Yes, I got them just because they are small as you can see the comparison with one euro. Still, they are classics of the Spanish literature: Miguel de Cervantes and Espronceda… look how adorable they are though

Stuff I wanna know about


I almost put this one on the Beautiful category because it totally applies but truth is I chose this one after I saw the title: WORLD MYTHOLOGIES ILLUSTRATED. I’m a nerd, as you may know, and one of my favorite subjects is different cultures and their myths, this book looks promising…

IMG_20181120_091209.jpg This title translates to Stories and tales of the Argentine North. The north of Argentina is were most of the (surviving) indigenous population lives so this promises some really good stories.

IMG_20181120_091140.jpgThis one book is about German Literature and it’s in French… it seemed funny at the time and I’ve been meaning to read some books in French to practise. It’s also pretty and I’m weak to pretty

IMG_20181120_091233.jpg Basically: a book about Alexander the Great’s conquests and adventures. I know it won’t be as queer as it should (considering the main subject) but I trust that it will have enough history to keep me entertained for a while during the summer.

IMG_20181120_090807.jpgAnd last in this category we have: Captain Alatriste, another Spanish classic that I haven’t read yet (is anyone actually surprised at this point?)

Insta-Steal Authors

Lastly we have the books I took because the authors are names I couldn’t leave there.

IMG_20181120_090752.jpg CS Lewis

My unprofessional translation to this is Beyond the Silent Planet, I hadn’t heard of this book before but since it was Lewis…

IMG_20181120_090701.jpg Borges

He is one of the most (if not the most) internationally well-known Argentine writer. This is a Penguin edition of Selected Poems. It’s actually bilingual, with one page in the original Spanish and the next in translated English, I’m curious to see how well something as personal as poetry can be translated without losing too much of its original content.

IMG_20181120_091032.jpg Kafka

I couldn’t quite capture the cover in this photo but it’s dark green with gold details and it’s really pretty. These are Selected Short Stories by Frank Kafka, I haven’t yet looked at the index to know just which short stories made the cut but it’s always a trip to read someone like him so I have high hopes.

IMG_20181120_090738.jpg Isabel Allende

She’s a pretty famous contemporary author and since I’ve been trying to read more hispanic authors I thought she’d be a great addition to my TBR!

IMG_20181120_091014.jpg Cortázar

He’s another of the big names in Argentina, this book is Bestiary, basically a collection of fantastic beasts and where to find them with a magical realism twist to it


Do I even need to explain this one??

Those are the ones I could steal on one day, I promise to have another go at those bookshelves soon

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Book lover and hockey goalie from Argentina. Trying to figure life out

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