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Fanfic Friday

I’m inventing a meme because this entire week instead of finishing the book I was meaning to finish I flew through 150,000 words of fan fiction and loved every second of it!

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A Switch Blade is My Preferred Weapon


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All for the Game Series by Nora Sakavic

Word Count: 150,134

Summary: The Foxes take on an injured Kevin Day, and get a Raven-trained backliner with a point to prove into the bargain.


For those of you who have read the books, this is a fanfic that spans the entirety of the series where Neil ran with his mother but was quickly caught by his father and given to the Ravens, where he got the opportunity to grow up with Kevin and the rest. The things that happened happen but after the first year Neil runs away too and follows Kevin to the Foxhole after making a new deal with Kengo Moriyama himself. Things go to shit from there.


I really liked this fanfic, not only because I love to read What if scenarios but also because the author manages to write in a way that makes it impossible to stop reading. At the end of every chapter you get a teaser of the next and they are just the thing to convince you that 2am isn’t that late anyways. The exy matches are described in such detail that I feel like I watched one, the relationships between teamates grow separate from canon (because things seaparate) but they still keep evryone’s personalities straight.

The story is full of tension and the POV changes subtly so that we can see the full picture but also be kept in the dark to add more drama. It’s pretty close to the original style that I’d recommend it to most fans out there.

Neil felt the tickle of anger in the back of his throat. If there was going to be anything left of him, it was this: anger, and his own name.