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Blogtober- Orange Books

Why is Blogtober orange? Because autumn is orange fight me. Also because I really like it and today we are doing orange books because we can:.

Resultado de imagen para orange book gif


Very pretty and VERY orange I have a review up for this one!

35857351A gay couple getting out of hell together because they love each other? YES

30835803This may be short but it’s really fun and gives you that every-day life we all like to imagine in everyone’s favorite greek camp

81779A bunch of greek dudes getting drunk together and talking about love, nowhere as boring as you’d expect a two thousand old book to be (nowhere as straight as old historians would like you to think)

26185748A young black mom who lost her boyfriend and is left to raise her superpowered kid on her own (with the help of his bf’s best friend. This comic is gonna be a Netflix show!


Book lover and hockey goalie from Argentina. Trying to figure life out

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