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Blogtober-10 Reasons I Love & Hate Autumn & Spring

Blogtober day 20, can you believe I kept something going for twenty days???I can’t

I’m still following Jenniely‘s wonderful Blogtober prompts and denying the fact that the weather is getting progressively warmer in my half of the world… okay, maybe I should face the music at some point…. Let’s talk autumn and spring for this one!

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I’ll be the first to admit that Autumn is my favorite season by far but I promise to try and find nice things about spring too. I’ll be alternating possitives-negatives on each season, three to two so that we start and end on a high note:.

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  1. It’s the season of cozy-ness! It’s when hell summer has passed and we can finally curl up with a book and a blanket and there’s no beating that
  2. There’s a lot of people who really hate their lives and so getting back from summer vacations is like a curse for them, thus they feel entitled to be assholes and ruin everyone’s days just cause they are moody. I hate those people and there’s an awful lot of them in a big city like Buenos Aires
  3. We can also got back to warm drinks. I’m an avid coffee drinker but I’ve been known to drink tea when the mood strikes.
  4. School and everything start back up and with it the delightful questions from relatives and family friends about “when are you getting a boyfriend? are you studying anything?what are you gonna do with your life??” I don’t know Moira, probably hide away with a book for the remainder of it? That’s as far as my planning goes rn
  5. Everything is just so pretty??? Like, the colors are warm and pretty, the falling leaves and grey skies set the mood for introspection and just looking around makes me feel at peace with life.

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  1. Spring is a completely opposite feeling for me. It’s the season where energy comes back to the world. It’s trees full of leaves again and flowers sprouting everywhere and every color feel ten times brighter. Still pretty, but a different kind
  2. It. Is. Hot. Again. As someone who practises a sport that was meant to be played on the ice but adapted to places with no ice I need the weather to be at least a bit chilly. I’m a roller hockey goalie and I feel like dying every time I put on my gear in spring.
  3. I can wear cute skirts and dresses. I’m not a very feminine person in the way I dress but every once in a while I feel like putting on a flowery dress and this is the best season for all that.
  4. Everything gets a bit more frantic. As I said before, this season is full of energy and that sometimes gets on my bad side. I have no patience whatsoever so when suddenly everyone needs to do everything rightnowthismoment I feel the need to smack a bitch.
  5. Longer days! This could be seen as a bad thing for someone who loves sleeping as much as I do but I wake up with the sun and go to sleep when it’s dark and that’s enough so this new schedule means, obviously, more reading time and that’s always a blessing

Sure, I love Autumn but maybe Spring isn’t all that bad after all…


Book lover and hockey goalie from Argentina. Trying to figure life out

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