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Blogtober- Treats to Read With

Blogtober day 14! (Look at me back to keeping proper track of dates and stuff)

For today we have a lovely prompt that I’ve read two different ways:

  • Snacks you read with
  • Good things to keep in hand when reading

And because I don’t read and eat I’m going with the second option.

Resultado de imagen para reading buddy gif

Thank you Jenniely for the Blogtober prompts!

The important thing here is that they are treats, meaning you can read just fine without them but they are nice.

1-Drink of Choice

On another Blogtober post I paired types of drinks with book genres (in case you wanted inspiration) but I usually go straight to coffee when reading so I can keep going longer.

2-Somewhere to take notes

Either a notebook or the Notes app on your phone, if you want to talk about the book later this is the best way to remember all the things that stand out to you as you are reading. I especially enjoy making notes about what I think is going to happen and then going over those after finishing the book, turns out I’m not as smart as I think –

3-A reading buddy

(You see that empty chair besides the reader? That’s for their buddy) Again: it’s not necessary but it is nice to have one every once in a while. I buddy-read with my college friends a couple of times and really enjoyed the experience. 10/10 would recommend

4-The next book on the series

There’s nothing worse than cliffhangers, every reader has suffered through them, so the best way to deal with the need to know what happens next is to have the next at hand!

Tell me some things you like to treat yourself with while reading..!


Book lover and hockey goalie from Argentina. Trying to figure life out

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