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Blogtober-Autumnal drinks for reading with

Day 6 of Blogtober is all about pairing our reading time with the best drink!

Thank you Jenniely for the Blogtober prompts!

For me the drink depends heavily on the book, you can’t just drink anything with any story (yes you can but play with me here)

So today I’m pairing types of drinks with genres:..

Try coffee


I looove coffee and it’s the only reason I’m somewhat functional every day. It fits contemporary reads because is such a common and still wonderful drink.

I feel like coffee shops are the cornerstone of social interactions. Here’s a really good article on the rise of CoffeShop AUs in fanfiction and the reasoning behind them.

Aside from that it’s a nice strong flavor that you can give your own spin to, it can be black and bitter, full of cream and sugar, pumpkin spice, it can be pretty much anything you like, just like a nice contemporary.

Try coffee

Adventures and action-packed stories

For this one I’m thinking along the lines of All for the Game, where they play a lot of exy and are generally fit, but also good for those books where the characters have to train and get buff. So, montage training? Water. Walk to Mordor? Water. Shopping trip that lasts a whole chapter? WATER. Stay hydrated my friends

Try coffee


Tea is a soothing drink that can carry you through a whole afternoon of reading. With tea I feel like slowing down my real life and just focusing on what I’m doing right that moment. It’s the perfect fantasy drink because it’s for sitting down and sipping while your mind gets transported to another world where magic and whimsy are the norm.

Try coffee


Is this too cliché? Do I care??

Wine is perfect for romance, most of the stories have the characters drinking wine at some point. It is a drink that makes you feel sophisticated while being delicious and good for you, like romance novels!

Try coffee

Science Fiction

Cocktails are the most strange drinks you could get, some of the look literally alien and the tastes don’t make sense (though they are good)

Try coffee

Lastly the drink I drink when hanging out with friends, this one doesn’t pair with a book genre for me. Instead, this one is the perfect fit for a nice long conversation about all your favorite books and for convincing everyone you can of reading them

That’s it for today!

Do you agree with my picks? What would you choose differently?

Have I forgotten any important drink??(probably)


Book lover and hockey goalie from Argentina. Trying to figure life out

5 thoughts on “Blogtober-Autumnal drinks for reading with

  1. Brilliant post! Never seen this type of post before, loved it 💗💗💗
    I’m partial to a cocktail with a romance book on holiday lounging by the pool 😍
    I’d love if you could check my new blog post out & leave a comment too 🍂🍁✨🧡

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