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Latinx Book Bingo

Today is the first day of the Latinx Book Bingo!

Hosted on Twitter by   and  during Hispanic Heritage Month

However let's not forget that 
not all Latinx are hispanic and not all Hispanics are latinx. 
Someone from Brazil is Latinx but not hispanic, 
someone from Spain is hispanic but not latinx.
This has been your friendly disclaimer

I decided to take part in it to help me read more latinx Authors (one of my Resolutions) I invite all of you who feel up for a challenge to take this on with me.


I have a tentative TBR, though I never actually end up reading my TBRs

If you want more recs head over to Sofia @Bookish Wanderers! She has 90 book recomendations divided by rep and own voices, so you want to go over there

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