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Guess who is a meme-loving little shit???

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I saw this tag on JamiShelves and couldn’t pass the opportunity. It’s a tag created by Sage  and it’s all about the memes

Then I went and made it serious by explaining my answers… Oops

1. YEET – which book would you yeet out of existence?

29056083Harry Potter and the Cursed Child I’m willing to concede that maybe the play is good (I didn’t watch it since I live in Argentina) But, as a book, especially as a supposed sequel to the original Harry Potter books this one in particular can choke. It’s full of awful mischaracterization, shitty dialogues and senseless plotlines, not to mention that it disproves EVERYTHING that was set on the original books. It’s just really bad and maybe the play, if you watch it separate of the books, is actually good but I’d yeet this shit out of existence in a heart beat

2. CRYING KIM K – which book gives you lots of feelings?

33385229This comes as a surprise to absolutely nobody who has ever heard of Adam Silvera, he is a master at breaking my hearts into little pieces and make me thank him for it. I absolutely loved this book, is actually one of my all-time favorites, but it also made me cry like a baby in public, so there’s that. It’s incredible how a book literally titled They Both Die at the End can make me cry with an ending where they both die… I thought I was ready… I was not. You can read a full review for it here but if you haven’t read it then I recommend you get into the right frame of mind before picking it up.

3. AMERICA, EXPLAIN – favourite book set outside the US?

19063While on the topic of books that made me cry and emotionally destroyed me… The Book Thief is a beautiful book set in Nazi Germany and told from Death’s POV (you can’t get any more hardcore than that) I went into this book knowing virtually nothing about the plot (except that it was set on Nazi germany and about a young girl who wasn’t actually on the list of things they will kill you for. So when we start and see everything from an advantaged point of view in a non-linear way I was hooked. I’m not one for history books but this book made itself stand out on my summer reads and changed me.

4. RIP VINE – your saddest character death?

My respect for JK Rowling after I joined twitter… Oh! Talking about book characters!

2366001 I don’t think I’ll ever get over the death of Fred on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows… Was it really necessary?? Okay, it may have been. The author managed to accurately portrait how senseless violence and prejudice and war can cost innocent people their lives, just for trying to do the right thing. It was still not okay. I was sitting on my living room and couldn’t even tell my family what was happening because they hadn’t read it yet… This remains as the saddest character death (sure, dobby’s and Sirius’ deaths were sad but also predictable; they were too good a character to keep around lbr) Note: I’m using the Spanish cover because that’s how I read it

5. WHAT ARE THOSE? – a book that left you confused?

17378508Blue Lily, Lily Blue is my lowest rated book on The Raven Cycle series and that’s because it left me in a state of What the fuck just happened, the author introduced a shit-ton of information without sense or purpose, explained away a few things with reasons that didn’t make sense and put some plot-point that were never talked about before or after the fact. And all of that for nothing to happen on this book. It honestly felt like the author was just throwing words around to make the series longer….

6. BIG DICK ENERGY – favourite character with BDE?

9305362Listen, if we are talking Big Dick Energy we have to talk Laurent from the Captive Prince trilogy. This boy went through hell and back just to establish himself as his own person on a court that was quick to dismiss pretty young boys, he suffered abuse at the hands of his uncle and then took everything away from that asshole. Laurent presents himself as perfect and unattainable while he plots fifteen different things in his mind. Then he goes and finds himself the buffest and kindest prince in the land and marries him! He is basically the personification of BDE and he knows it.

7. I WON’T HESITATE BITCH – favourite book with a morally grey protagonist?

22299763You say Morally Gray and my mind automatically goes to Kaz on Crooked Kingdom. Is he good? No. Do I care? Also not. I love my fucked-up, scheming, secretly-caring, morally grey child. He does the right thing for the wrong reasons, he is selfish and looks after himself and those he considers his own. I actually identify with him a bit in the sense that I’d also blow up half a city for the people I care about but I’m nowhere that intelligent. Kaz is a character that was just that well-developed and was one of the reasons I loved this duology so much.

8. MOVE, I’M GAY – favourite book featuring a lgbtq+ romance?

38120209The Summer of Jordi Perez: Happy wlw romance set during summer with a fat main character and a latina love interest, where the MC has a blog and the LI loves photography! How can this NOT be everyone’s favorite? It’s a happy, low-stakes book that still manages to have a gripping story and deal with body-image issues, fear of the future and navigating your first relationship. I absolutely loved this book. It also talks about fashion and although that’s something I’m personally not into this book made me want to know more. I went in without expectations and came out with a new instant recommendation for all my friends. REVIEW

9. STREET SMARTS – favourite book featuring a protagonist whose strength is their intelligence?

33843009 Lila Bard is the smartest girl in all the Londons and you can fight me. She understands interdimensional travel on the go and manages to wield the magic stone without its thrall taking a hold of her. She understands the stakes and sees a way of getting out of trouble. I loved how her intelligence was something assumed in the story, Kell sees this incredibly smart young person and goes Yes, I’ll take them with me on my adventures, and then Lila goes and saves his ass a few times. I can’t wait to read the rest of the Shades of Magic trilogy, I’m sure I’m going to love it as much (or more) as I loved this book. REVIEW

10. ALEXA PLAY DESPACITO – character death you were happy about?

33918887Bruja Born Lula, my girl, he did NOT deserve you and I’m happy he died. At the beginning of this book Lula loses her recently-ex boyfriend and goes through a lot of trouble due to her grief. Without spoiling (since this happens at the very beginning) he is a dick who gets mad because his girlfriend is going through tough times and instead of supporting her and giving her the space she needs, the space she explicitly asked for, he breaks up with her and then has the audacity of telling her not to tell anyone so it doesn’t throw off his game… good fucking riddance. I wrote a full review for this amazing book.

11. THEN PERISH – a book you DNFed?

14061955 *Hides behind a wall and doesn’t come out in a thousand years* Yes, I DNFed Siege and storm from the Grisha Trilogy after saying that I loved Sox of Crows. It just felt like every other YA book out there and the man character was unlikable, the love interest was plain boring and the evil guy who everyone loves was a creep. Plus the Tragic Backstory (TM) being shoved in our faces for seemingly no reason three times in the first 10% of the book. I couldn’t stand it. Maybe it gets better (tell me if it does) but for now I have way too many good books waiting to be read to waste time in something I actively dislike.

12. KERMIT SIPPING TEA – a book that makes a statement?

32075671THUG, I mean… were you expecting anything else? This book went so hard it got a movie deal and I hope the movie does well enough to be shown in my country too. My exposition to the Black Lives Matter movement comes exclusively from social media and this book made me care even more about it. I wrote a post on my feelings towards this book, since police brutality against black people isn’t a thing in Argentina. It’s another book that made me cry but this time not only for the characters but for the fact that it showed a real problem that real people have to deal with on the daily.

13. SAME HAT – the character you relate to the most?

21979832 I left my birth country when I was five, then spent the next 10 years moving around a country that saw me as foreign when it was all I knew. I didn’t come back to Argentina until I was a teenager and I was expecting to “find myself” here, to finally feel at home. I found a country I didn’t understand, with people who saw me as foreign and no one I could relate to. An unknown landscape that I was told was mine. Nyx goes through the same thing, and the author communicates that so perfectly that I could see myself as Nyx, looking around Hawaii and trying to feel something but failing to. She is a Girl from everywhere, like me.

14. OH WORM – a book you didn’t expect to love?

18585282Salt. I am not the poetry-reading type of reader, at all. I can’t connect with the little rhyme-less poems that seem to be all the rage right now; but this poetry collection by Nayyirah Waheed is the outlier. I read this in a day and then re-read it the next day to make sure I didn’t hallucinate it. This poetry talks about identity and loss, about who we are as people and what it means to be a person. It’s poetry for the souls that are still buoyant, without a port to come to. To this day I haven’t found poetry this true and deep.

15. SHREK – favourite book featuring mythical creatures?

11250317The Song of Achilles Here’s a book about a human gay disaster falling in love with a demigod and ending in a very greek tragedy. The song of Achilles is a YA take on the Iliad from the POV of Patroclus, Achilles husband companion. This book is perfect for those who want to read a famously gay love story but don’t care to trudge through the metaphors and confusion of the actual classics. It’s a tale old as time but when I read it I actually forgot how the actual ending went and the deaths took me by complete surprise…


Okay… I went a bit too deep on my answers… Sorry? It was weird for me too.

I tag everyone who wants to do this tag!!



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