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Am I a bad blogger?

I’m of the mind that no matter how you blog as long as you do it then you are a good blogger. I saw this tag done by Kristina @Books and Dachshunds and decided to try it, since she tagged everyone then I’m tagged (?)
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Disclaimer, even if all my answers were NO there’s really no wrong way to be a blogger (unless you harass people) so don’t get discouraged!

Are you a book blogger?

Yes! I have the two things any book blogger needs: a giant TBR and the need for an excuse not to actually read it

Do you have 100 or more followers?

I have more (¡125!) I can’t believe it, the fact that there are people out there who care to read my posts is surreal

Do you have 1,000 or more followers?

Nope, but maybe in a few years?

Do you have 10,000 or more followers?

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Do you blog daily?

I don’t write daily but I do check on my blog every day. I see that I have a few posts on schedule and read other blogs

Do you read other blogs daily?

I try, sometimes I don’t have time or get distracted with other things though

Do you comment on lots of blog posts?

If I read a post then I leave a comment. I know how exciting it is to receive a little Comment notification so I try to give that to others

Do you receive ARC’s?

I did at the beginning of last year but then I got overwhelmed and stopped requesting since I didn’t want to request and then take ages to review it

Do you review all your ARC’s before their release date?

That’s the idea but since I couldn’t do it I just stopped getting ARCs

Do you use Social Media for your blog?

I cross-post my links on Tumblr and Twitter but those are personal accounts that are also used for blogging.

Do you participate in memes?

All the time, the one I do the most is Top Ten Tuesday but I also do Waiting on Wednesday, Top 5 Wednesday, WWWednesday, and Friday reads

…I’m just now realising there are a lot of memes on Wednesday…

Do you write original content/discussion posts?

Not really, I love reading them but I don’t feel confident enough to write my own yet. I did manage to do a compilation of helpful disscusion posts that is basically an index

Do you have authors on your blog?

I have one (1) author interview with Zoraida Córdova and I loved doing it!

Are you a grammar Nazi crazy?

(Let’s not equate people obsessed with grammar with white-supremacists)

I try for perfect grammar because English is not my first language. I always feel like if I make some mistake it’s gonna be terrible and nobody will understand what I’m saying.

Are you plain, vanilla, boring and bland?

I’m plain, coffee, meme-loving and stressed

Are you a follower of the power of positivity and are always positive?

I try to send positive messages and give off a nice vibe

Do you think that everyone is equal within the book blogger community?

Yes and no. We are equal, as individuals, in the sense that no one is better than anyone and all opinions matter. We aren’t really equal in the matter of accessibility, I’m talking about ARCs, conventions, author’s meeting,.. all that stuff that seems to be happening all the time in the US while the rest of the world watches from the sidelines.

Are you and your blog awesome?

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Do you see yourself as being a pillar of the book blogger community and setting a good example for book bloggers?

I’m not a pillar, more like I’m being supported by amazing pillar-people but I hope I’m at least showing others something good.



As usual..

I tag everyone who wants to do this tag!

If you were waiting for a sing that you are an amazing blogger

this is it! Congratulations!

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Book lover and hockey goalie from Argentina. Trying to figure life out

4 thoughts on “Am I a bad blogger?

  1. Of course you were tagged !!
    ahahah I love it xD the huge tbr and need of an excuse not to read it, exactly !

    Aww you should write original content/discussions !! people usually love them and it’s so fun to write, don’t be shy ! it’s always scary at first but it’ll turn out just fine 🙂 I’ll encourage you to try atleast one.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great answers!! First of all I LOVE how positive you are ❤ Second, don't be afraid to do discussion posts! Or just random thought posts! Or anything you want to do! It will be great! And last, I can't tell by reading your posts that English is not your first language! You are probably better at writing it than I am and English is my only language 😂😂 You are a great blogger! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg, thank you so much!!😭
      I think I just need an issue I feel strongly about to take the leap into discussions but hasn’t happened yet. I promise I’ll try (?
      And thank you again for the English validation❤❤ every time I write a post I run the spell-check three times to make sure everything makes sense and there are no typos 😂
      I can’t tell you how happy your words make me!¡

      Liked by 1 person

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