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Helping Bloggers through Discussion Posts

Blogging is hard, but not impossible.

The best way to get better at something is asking those who are far ahead from us. There’s a lot of bloggers that are ready to share their tricks and advice on how to keep a book blog running. I’m not good at giving advice but I am great at reading it, that’s why I decided to compile a list of some Discussion Posts that really helped me and can help many more..


I’m dividing this into three categories:

  1. Time management; trying not to die while blogging

  2. Writing is Hard; tips and advice on writing posts and reviews

  3. Making friends; the book blogging community is a magical and confusing place

Time Management

wordwoondersFinding time has to be the hardest thing to do while blogging but we also need to decide what to do with that time. We are always doing something else and even if we manage to steal a minute we can be overwhelmed with all the things we want to do; which kind of post to write? should I be reading rather than writing? What should I even read? There’s a lot of things to account for and if you also need to study or do your job or keep a house running, it’s hard to keep everything straight. Fadwa was kind enough to share with all of us her strategies to keep herself organized. Whether you are a bullet-journal kind of person or if you prefer the structure of a spread sheet, this post is for all of us blogger who struggle to keep up with all the things we’d like to do.

wordwoondersMarie, from Drizzle and Hurricane books, also helps us to Organize your book blogging life (ft. her spreadsheets) She gives sound advice on keeping your shit together and using spread sheets and a planner to make sure you get to do all the things you want to. She also provides a link to learn to make your own google spread sheets to keep track. You will need to prioritize some things but it can  be done, if you are willing to adhere to a schedule.

wordwoondersIf you want to be organized but don’t really have the time to draft your own spreadsheets then you will love the Free Bookish Blogger Templates by Reader Voracious. She uses pie-charts and monthly calendars to keep up with her reading and blogging life and decided to share them with less organized bloggers like me! So you can get down your monthly posting schedule and have your reading stats without depending on goodreads or other apps.

Time Management

ThriftybibliophileAll of us, at some point, have sat down after reading a book and thought: I loved this… but why? You finish a book and are all excited about how good it was, so you wanna review it so other people can love it; you just can’t tell exactly why you love it so. Ashley from Thrifty Bibliophile asked to herself and her followers: What makes a book great? And this is a personal experience so I can’t tell you a specific, however it does help to read what other people value when rating a book, what they look for so that you can examine your own experience and maybe consider some point of view you hadn’t thought of before, maybe find others that rate the same way you do. As readers we will love many books and to communicate that we have to know for ourselves what makes a book great?

wordwoondersOn the same line we have Agelica with What Makes Books Good? And How I Pick My Five Star Reads! She analyses what it is that makes us fall in love with a book on the basis of her own loved books. She uses examples like Twilight and classics and commonly liked books to make her point and to bring to attention the details of those. It’s a great post to remember that how a book makes us feel is just as important as all the technical stuff we like to put on reviews.

wordwoondersNow you know what makes a book great, next step is putting the words on the page… How the hell do you review a book? Is a question Marie from Reader Voracious asked and answered. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that there isn’t one true way of reviewing you should prioritize your own voice. That said, it’s hard to sit down and start reviewing without a guide, here’s where Marie saves us: she shares her tips on how to get the most out of a book for your review, a structure to base your post in, how to make your review stand out, and, once you’ve written everything, how to promote it so that more people will read it.

Comfortable and chicIf we are talking writing style we can’t forget about fonts. Sometimes we’d like to highlight something or minimize something else, changing the font size can go a long way in showing readers how we feel. Although WordPress doesn’t have a size option in this post from Bibi’s Book Blog you can learn how to change it with just a little bit of coding without having to know a thing about coding.

Time Management

wordwoondersNow that you have an awesome blog you want to have awesome friends to go with it. We all love the book blogging community, we see how many friendships have been born there but when you are just starting it feels more like you are screaming at the void. Starting a conversation can be scary and the community is great but intimidating to see from an outside point of view. To help you get the ball rolling we have the amazing 24hr YA Book Blog They took the typical advice of Socialize! and break it down in concrete short-term goals. It’s a step-by-step guide of making friends in the community and engaging your readers.


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  1. Thank you so, so much for including my posts, I’m so happy you enjoyed them and hope they can be useful to others! ❤ Thank you for including so many other bloggers' as well, I love reading blogging advice like this and can't wait to check out their posts 😀 ❤

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