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Top 5 Wednesday· Anything but Books

Today we have another book meme *pretends to be surprised* Top 5 Wednesday is hosted by Sam from Thoughts On Tomes. This one comes from Goodreads

During this month there isn’t a fixed theme so you just pick from previous ones.

The theme for this weednesday actually comes from Vikky @The Mundane Teenage Life because I saw her post and it was great so I wanted to follow..

We are talking anything but books, meaning: Netflix tv show, podcasts, musicals, hockey team (because why not), and non-book quote

Today’s topic is

Favourite things that aren’t books


TV Show

I don’t watch much TV but the other day I started watching Queer Eye on Netflix and I love it:


It’s basically five queer guy teaching straight guys how to take good care of themselves inside and out.


Resultado de imagen para the bright sessionsI’m listening to quite a few of these and so you can expect a full post about podcasts soon. If I can only choose one though, it’s The Bright Sessions. This starts as a series of therapy sessions with people who have special abilities (like if the XMen got the professional help the actually needed). As the story unfolds it grows from that into phone calls, personal recordings and all kinds of different situations that take us deeper into the lives of the characters. The story is really well done

TW panic attacks and axiety depicted in some episodes. These episodes have their own TWs at the beginning though so you are safe to listen to everything else


I’m gay a huge fan of musicals so I’m almost always listening to some Original Cast Recording. Lately I’ve been obsesing over The Greatest Showman

Resultado de imagen para the greatest showman soundtrack

Fav Hockey Team

[Do any of you follow the NHL? hmu]

They have miraculously gotten to the Stanley Cup Finals against all odds and also are just so much fun to watch:

Imagen relacionada

I just really enjoy watching them. This is a team that started this season and is made up of players from all over. They always put on a show before their home games and the team is excelent. Also, they have Fleury as a goalie and that automatically makes them my favourite team.

Imagen relacionada

Non book related Quote

This is a quote I have tattooed on my left forearm so that I can see it whenever I need to. So that I remember and so that I can force myself to believe it, too.

Omnia in bonum

It’s in latin and it translates (loosely) to everything that happens, “everything that happens to me”, is for my own good. It has strong religious implications since it says that everything that happens is good because God wants it to happen, and he loves me, so it must be good.  It’s something my mother used to say a lot and it’s a fundamental part of how my siblings and I were raised. We have gone through a lot of bad stuff and it keeps coming but I know things will get better and if they don’t then there’s a good reason and this shitty thing that’s happening will prove fruitful for something.

Idk, it’s just something that I grew up with and that I didn’t want to forget, so I wrote it permanently on my skin.


Book lover and hockey goalie from Argentina. Trying to figure life out

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday· Anything but Books

  1. I’m Canadian so we’re like obligated to follow the NHL to SOME degree. It’s in our contract. 😛 And I also love podcasts!! I’ll be eagerly waiting for your podcast post so I can geek out with you. Have you listened to Alice Isn’t Dead and The Adventure Zone? (And I’ll definitely be checking out The Bright Sessions–it sounds very cool)

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