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TTT·Freebie·Web Comics Galore

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

April 17:


Web comics galore


So, I loooove reading web-comics. For one they are mostly free (though you can give the artists’ money if you have some) and they are usually so much more diverse than traditionally published stories. This is mainly because they aren’t trying to market it but rather they just want to share with others.

I follow a lot of different web comics and their artist so I couldn’t help myself when I saw today’s topic was free. What better thing to do than hype my all time favourites?

Here you have it:

Top Ten web comics you should be reading

check-please1_Check, please! by NgoziU

This is my favorite web comic of all (hence the number 1) It’s about a southern gay boy who used to be a figure skater but got into college on a scholarship to play ice Hockey. The story has a lot of characters that you get to love and the fanbase is delightful. Bitty, the main character, is also a youtuber and has a baking channel. We mostly get his story through the vlogs he makes and it’s kind of a vice-off along the panels.

51aqob1rl4l_sx331_bo12042032002_Rock and Riot by Chelsey Furedi

This one is already complete so it’s perfect for those of you who can’t wait until the next chapter.

The story is set in a highschool around the 50′ and follows two different gangs, one of guys and one of gals (the gender nonconforming gang is introduced later). The thing is that they are all queer and trying to hide it, since, you know, the 50′. But it’s really cute and talks about relationships not only romantic but also friendships and trying to grow up being true to yourself.

mini-comiczinecover3_Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

The book follows Charlie and Nick on their highschool days. The artist is a published author and these are some characters from her novel Solitaire. Charlie is a shy gay boy who is just trying to get through school without too much fuss after being outed before he was ready. Nick is in one of his classes, he is a rugby player and the sweetest guy ever, he still doesn’t know his sexuality but he is willing to find out after he starts going out (secretly) with Charlie precious bisexual child

It’s still ongoing but the artist just finished re-drawing the earlier panels so the change in art style isn’t so noticeable, the perfect time to catch up!

tumblr_nwb19urpek1u34m9qo1_5004_Always human by Ari Walkingnorth

Another completed work. This one has a beautiful style and so many colors and textures! It’s set in a futuristic version of earth so it’s scify but we see the every-day lives of two women and how they fall in love. In this earth there are mods that you can apply to yourself to look any way you want but there’s a small part of the population who can’t used them and SSSS is one of them. The first thing that catches FFFF eye is that SSS always looks the same and she though that she was brave for loving her looks like that and that she was beatiful. After they talk for the first time SSSS explains her condition and FFFF asks her out right there because she is crushing so hard.

376885905_Long exposure by Kam “Mars” Heyward

Status: Ongoing. If you like Stranger Things then you will like this, the same but queer. It’s set in a small town in present time, where a bully has just returned to school and gets an assigment with the shy fat kid. They used to be friends but things changed for the worse and life happened.

While trying to do the work they discover a mysterious facility in the middle of the woods and fall into toxic waste. Since this is a story, they don’t die or get sick, they get super powers and are being followed by the men from the shady facility.

tumblr_oq6nx2x3051vjjjn3o1_12806_Quinn Dreaming by Tori Ryan

This web comic is truly magical.

Quinn, dreaming’ is a webcomic that follows 17 year old Charles August Quinn, a Dream Witch from a small Florida beach town.  His senior year is shaping up to be pretty rough; He doesn’t know what he wants to do after high school, he got busted by the principal for selling dreams on campus, he sort of wants to kiss his best friend, and there’s a creepy new girl at his school.  It doesn’t help that the FDA has approved a new drug that ‘cures’ magic, and extremist anti-magic groups are trying to push it on witches they think might need saving. 

tumblr_oxbxdaxydc1qj2rgxo1_5007_Interstellar theatre by Garnetquyen

This is run by a tumblr artist so the link isn’t just for the comic but also all her other projects.

The story is about the Interstellar Theatre (obviously) where people with radically different appereances work. It’s still in the early stages but we get to see a lot of the characters as they were developed and it’s shaping up to be awesome. The main character is Riley, a boy with shiny scales on his body. At the beginning he works at a freak-show and is cruelly misstreated by his bosses but the Interestellar are there to take him away and make him realized how good life can be.

tumblr_p52u5nxvec1wi1r7bo1_12808_Bang&Burn by Caroline Ní Bhuachalla and Locke Hansen-Thiim

A crime romance web comic.

Rated 18+

Daegan is an undercover cop that goes to one of the most dangerous mobs in New Mexico. He manages to speak directly to the boss, Gammon, but things are going to be way more difficult as we advence. This one is more adult and contains more violence.

Daegan may have gone too deep undercover now and he will start to question loyalties when he gets to see the real face of the most dangerous drug-lord in the city.

9_Emmanuel just wants to die by Talhí & Kinn


This one is also kind of dark, as you can tell by the title. He just wants to die but he strats seeing strange ghost that follow him everywhere and are looking for new bodies to inhabit before they dissapear for ever from this world. He isn’t thrilled but there isn’t much else he can do so he accompanies them to all the places where they can find recently vacated bodies and tries to help.

homestuck-book-cover10_HOMESTUCK BY ANDREW HUSSIE

BECAUSE FIGHT ME. No web comic list would be complete without this messy, all encopasing, eternal, piece of onilne art.
I spent 4 years reading it and would try it again.

It’s so strange it’s fascinating and every twist and turn of the story is original and unexpected. I loved this web comic and if you have never heard of it then I can’t truly explain it.

It’s a story of a boy stuck at home, with only his phone and computer to talk and interct with his friends. Friends he hasn’t seen in person ever but who are the closest people he has. It’s also a story that spans universes and centuries and dimensions. All thanks to a computer game with a strange platform.


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