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Comic books I’ve read so far

So, lately I’ve been reading a lot of comic books and thought that it’d be nice to share them with all of you. I already told you which these were on the wrap up but I wanted to stop on each of them to tell you a bit more.


I know this media is often regarded as lazy-reading but I find the union of words and images to give a different meaning to the stories. Also, sometimes I don’t feel up to committing to a whole 400+ pages so this is a good alternative where you get a story and good art. Personally I love them. Here are the ones I’ve read this year:

Herding Cats (Sarah’s Scribbles, #3)

by Sarah Andersen35924705

This is a funny compilation of comic strips that talk about trying to adult and failing miserably, like most of us do.

The style is simple and to the point, I found it perfect to distract myself for a while opening it at random and going from there.

The humor is for those who can laugh at themselves and those who need to see that we aren’t the only ones failing to do the most simple tasks, everyone is a mess and others just hide it better.

Fence (Fence, #1) & (#2) & (#3) & (#4)

by C.S. Pacat24975958-_sx540_

This is a sports story centered around (who would have guessed it??) Fencing.

The main character (The burnet from the second cover) comes from a poor neighborhood where he lives with his single mother and learns to fence from an old coach in at the community centre. When he goes to his first tournament he has the bad luck of having his first match against the best or second best fencer on the category (the guy in the first cover) and is thoroughly defeated. After that he tries to get into a prestigious school with a fencing scholarship and guess who is his roommate??? This series is also classified as lgbt+ so we are probably gonna get a rivals-to-lovers and I need it to happen.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

by Brian Buccellato

Were you thoroughly disappointed by Batman VS Superman? Did you like Batman VS Superman but want more? have you never seen that movie but know a bit of DC’s pantheon of heroes?

Either way I recommend picking up Injustice: Gods among us, where the joker tragedy strikes and Superman decides he is the only one who can set peace on Earth… by force. He’s not very smart.

This is the last year before the ending and everything has gone wrong and your faves are probably dead.

Midnighter, Vol. 1: Out & Vol. 2: Hard

by Steve Orlando

Midnighter is your classical brooding hero with a supercomputer on his brain that tells him how to best kill people and super-healing but no memories before he got those powers.

In these volumes he is also trying to find himself. He just broke up with Apollo, his first boyfriend because of secrets and insecurities. Newly single and ready to explore his sexuality he tries dating and is not very good making his choices.

Now, the place where he was made has been robbed and a lot of dangerous artifacts were sold in the black market. He feels like it’s his duty to hunt the items down and save the earth from them

This comics are highly violent but he never kills innocent people and he is always trying to protect the vulnerable. He has become one of my favorite superheroes, he doesn’t share the no killing rule that makes others batman inefective but he does have a strong sense of right and wrong and lives by it.

Midnighter and Apollo

by Steve Orlando35818254

If you are tired to see your favorite queer characters get killed off or written out this is definitely the one for you.

Also, this is the closest you will get to seeing Superman and Batman in a relationship in canon but even better.

Midnighter and Apollo are superheroes on their own right and have their own stories, they are also in a romantic relationship that has taken a lot of work to form (see Midnighter)

Now they are happily living together and of course sh*t happens (if it didn’t we would have an issue)

Apollo is killed while protecting civilians but Midnighter is not about to let the universe turn them into a kill your gays trope. Instead you see him searching everywhere for a way to save his boyfriend and when he learns that he was sent to hell he will walk in there and fight the lord of hell himself to get Apollo back.

35657428The Backstagers, Vol. 1

by James Tynion IV

If you have ever done theatre you know just how unappreciated the people who work backstage are. Even if you haven’t you may just now be realising that there are people who aren’t actors that work in theatre.

This story is about those backstagers. The thing you may not know is that the backstage is way more deep and magical than you thought. It’s a whole world back there and a labyrinth that’d make Daedalus cry.

The cast is diverse and every character is fully fleshed out in the course of 8 issues. Our main is forced by his mom to join a club and he chooses theatre but after meeting both actors and backstagers he decides to go where the real magic is made. For moments the story can get kind of dark (especially at the end) but it’s presented in a lighthearted way that will hook you in from the start.

That’s it for now, I’ll make sure to update this once I read more comic books and I hope I made some of you want to check out these.

If you have any question about whether a certain comicbook is right for you feel free to dm me and ask


Book lover and hockey goalie from Argentina. Trying to figure life out

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