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The Book Blogger Test


I saw this TAG at Early Bookish Birds, it’s basically random bookish questions about the blogger (me) and I looove talking about me so here goes:



1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.

2. Answer the ten questions asked on this post.

3. Nominate at least five people to do it also.

Top 3 book pet hatestumblr_inline_nhfm3y7szk1r2tc7e

  1. It was all a dream! Why would you waste my time like that??
  2. The girl needs to save the world but ALSO she has to choose a boy to become a full character. Because that’s what every girl think about right?? If they don’t have a boy they can’t exist and if there’s TWO boys that makes them better
  3. I’m not like other girls!!! Ugh, just stop, the MC bashing on other girls because they like girly things or because she does sports instead of shopping. It’s 2018 I think we can leave that trope far behind

Perfect reading spot

The best place to read is definitely the hammock on my garden. It’s at the very back under a huge magnolia tree and besides a wall covered in vines. It feels halfway to a fairyland.


Three book confessions

  1. I would never write on a book but I love to get second-hand books with the margins full of little words and drawings
  2. Audiobooks have taken me out of a reading slump enough times that I will fight anyone who says it’s not reading
  3. I once had an underground library in my school to make sure everyone who wanted could read Twilight. I was young and it was banned so I was doing a public service

Number of books on your bedside table

Technically? None

Actually? My kindle with over 20 downloaded ebooks


Last time you cried reading a book

I’m a big baby and cry with every book that tells me a sad story. That said the last book that made me weep like there was no tomorrow was Dear Martin by Nic Stone

Favorite reading snack


I don’t like eating and reading at the same time because it can damage the books and makes it hard to turn the pages. When I’m reading I just make sure to have a water bottle within arms distance to keep hydrated.

Three books you would recommend to anyone

  1. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
  2. Simon VS the Homo Sapiens agenda by Becky Alrbertalli
  3. The Idhún’s Memories by Laura Gallego García

A picture of your favorite bookshelf

… I only have one(¿?) Here’s a picture of the little bookshelf I keep in my room that contains the entirety of my books. Physical copies are reaaaally expensive in my country so I usually get the e-book


What books mean to you in three words

My perfect escape

Biggest reading secret


Who I Tag:

This is hard, I still don’t have bloggers I talk to regularly and I wouldn’t want to bother anyone by tagging them so we are going with the usual

I tag everyone who wants to do this

The tag asks for 5 bloggers so I tag everyone 5 times0somiae


Book lover and hockey goalie from Argentina. Trying to figure life out

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