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End of the year book Tag

I know there’s still some time before the end of the year and I’m planing on reading some more books but if I don’t do it now I’ll most certainly forget. So, here it is.

Turns out I’m doing another of Mariam’s tags and I regret nothing

This year was a mess with starting a new university, playing hockey and just general worldwide messes. So I didn’t read as much as I wanted but here’s some things that I did get to.


  1. Have you read any book(s) with someone? If yes, what was your buddy-read for 2017?
  2. Any new author(s) that surprised you?
  3. What’s a new genre you tried?
  4. Any book(s) you read in the beginning of the year that you still recall very fondly in December.
  5. Favorite book(s) you read during your birth month.
  6. A book series you finished/started in 2017.
  7. Book(s) that everyone raved about in 2017 that you didn’t feel strongly about.
  8. News that made you super excited for 2018!
  9. Give me 2 books you’d re-read, 1 you wish you could forget, and 7 you’d buy for your past self.
  10. Name one bookish goal you’ve achieved

I’m tagging @earlybookishbird and everyone who feels like doing this!


1_Have you read any book(s) with someone? 
If yes, what was your buddy-read for 2017?

I kind of but not really buddy-read We were liars by E Lockhart.


I say kind of because we only had one copy and passed it around my class mates so we could discuss it. But it was really fun. We would ask the person currently reading it where they were and make comments that would avoid spoilers but talk about it at length and every time one of us finished it we would scream together and share our thoughts and theories about what happened.

The book is about a girl who goes with her family every summer to a private island. One year she has an accident and can’t remember what happened that whole summer. Everyone starts treating her differently and refusing to talk about that time, her cousins are ignoring her and she is dealing with migraines on top of that. She just wants to know what happened to her.

2_Any new author(s) that surprised you?

I’m not one to be surprised much since I like to research a book before starting it so this was kind of hard.

I decided to go with Plato (yeah, he’s not exactly new but he did surprise me)


I had to read him for a few classes and I was expecting boring, textbook-like prose with at length expositions. What I got was stories about a bunch of guys that get together to get drunk and make up stories of love and gods. He has really good pacing and the subjects he touches are varied and surprisingly current.

Also the way he talks about love and identity, gender and queer relationships makes you think he came from the future instead of the past. Everyone should read the passage about the creation of human kind from The Symposium (that’s where the gif’s quote comes from)

3_What’s a new genre you tried?

This year I tried to read poetry, since I’m not really a fan. I just find it more engaging if there’s a story to follow and I feel like modern poetry is too focused on the feeling and forgets that those feeling can also be tied in a story.

4_Any book(s) you read in the beginning of the year 
that you still recall very fondly in December.

Timekeeper by Tara Sim. timekeeper-cover


This is a book that I remember fondly and the SEQUEL IS COMING SOON. Soon as in January 2018. If you haven’t heard of this it’s a novel set in a steam-punk version of England where the clock towers actually control time. The main Character is Danny, a young clock mechanic, and a clock spirit named Colton. I’m not going to spoil anything but it’s adorable, and exciting and a lot of things happen.



5_Favorite book(s) you read during your birth month.

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab. Can you believe I haven’t read Our dark duet yet??? Me neither. I read this book at the beginning of the year (February)and liked it SO much, it was different from all YA I was reading at the time and that fascinated me. I will pick up ODD as soon as I can and I have all the other V. E. Schwab books on my TBR for 2018.

Salt. by Nayyirah Waheed. I tried to read more poetry but it’s hard for me to relate to most poets. With this book I felt myself in the words, I’m not sure how to explain it but Nayyirah is a master wordsmith and I love her poems.

6_A book series you finished/started in 2017.

I started and finished the All for the game trilogy by Nora Sakavic


This is about a (fantasy) college sport called exy, family and mafia business.


And let me tell you, it was a wild ride

At the beginning I hated Andrew, one of the characters and later love interest, for what he did in Columbia. I felt that there was no excuse to that (I still feel this way but understand that there were a lot of f*cked up thing happening all around)Neil was shady af thanks to the life he had led and I frankly thought he was gonna end up with Kevin. I got really into the scenes where the author described the game. I play in-line hockey and it felt close enough. The characters are troubled kids trying to make their way in the world and I would die for each and everyone of them

7_Book(s) that everyone raved about in 2017 
that you didn’t feel strongly about.

A court of wings and ruin by Sarah J Maas


I didn’t even make it to this book, I read the first one and liked it enough. It was simple and good to pass the time. Then I got to the second one and was liking it as well but it just didn’t really grab my attention, I stopped reading two thirds of the way through for personal reasons and I feel no inclination to pick it up again. I don’t actively dislike the books but I just don’t feel for them


8_News that made you super excited for 2018!

SIMON VS MOVIE (Aaaaaaaahhh)


THUG MOVIE (Aaaaaaaahhh x2)




9_Give me 2 books you’d re-read, 1 you wish you could forget, 
and 7 you’d buy for your past self.


Books I want too go back to: I’m not much of a re-reader but there are some books that I fall in love with. The Six of Crows duology, by Leigh Bardugo. I loved that world and the characters, I felt connected to them and everything that was happening. Leigh managed to make them feel so real that I miss them. Also I feel that if I reread those I will catch some things I missed the first time around.

A book I wanna forget: No habrá más pena ni olvido (There will be no more sorrow nor oblivion) by Osvaldo Soriano. I had to read this one for class and it’s about my country Aregentina and how a president divided the people in such a way that they were willing to kill each other for supporting different governments. This is NOT a bad book, in fact it’s a very good book that portrays the horrors of civil war by bringing it to a reduced space. But it IS violent and explicit. Was it necessary for the time it was published? Yes. Did I need to read that to understand more accurately the political climate and reasons of why my country is like it is today? Also yes. But it was unpleasant and there were other books and authors we could have gone with.

Seven are a bit too many considering this was NOT a good year for pleasure-reading so I chose 3 that really impacted me and the way I see the worldwhy-gaston-is-the-real-hero-in-disney-s-beauty-and-the-beast-429012

  1. The book thief by Markus Zusak
  2. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
  3. Juliet takes a breath by Gabby Rivera



10_Name one bookish goal you’ve achieved

I read more classics! From ancient Greece to roman law to French people discussing the meaning of written word. I read a lot of old books that were written by dead white people this year tbh though the romans were way less white than people think.

So this was the tag! Feel free to do it and don’t forget to check out Mariam’s blog.

Here’s to hoping for a better, brighter 2018 filled with books and hours of reading for all of you!



Book lover and hockey goalie from Argentina. Trying to figure life out

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