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End of the year book Tag

I know there’s still some time before the end of the year and I’m planing on reading some more books but if I don’t do it now I’ll most certainly forget. So, here it is.

Turns out I’m doing another of Mariam’s tags and I regret nothing

This year was a mess with starting a new university, playing hockey and just general worldwide messes. So I didn’t read as much as I wanted but here’s some things that I did get to.


  1. Have you read any book(s) with someone? If yes, what was your buddy-read for 2017?
  2. Any new author(s) that surprised you?
  3. What’s a new genre you tried?
  4. Any book(s) you read in the beginning of the year that you still recall very fondly in December.
  5. Favorite book(s) you read during your birth month.
  6. A book series you finished/started in 2017.
  7. Book(s) that everyone raved about in 2017 that you didn’t feel strongly about.
  8. News that made you super excited for 2018!
  9. Give me 2 books you’d re-read, 1 you wish you could forget, and 7 you’d buy for your past self.
  10. Name one bookish goal you’ve achieved

I’m tagging @earlybookishbird and everyone who feels like doing this!


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